Nullius in verba


Man, do we even update this section anymore? I don't even know what it was for.

So I decided to browse Slashdot's Games section and all I can find lately are DRM stories about how EA got fucked because everybody pirated Spore blah blah blah. Add a comment

So some dude in Thailand killed a taxi driver and blamed GTA. What's the obvious course of action? Ban Killer7! Something tells me the Thai Ministry of Culture didn't actually play the game. I mean I haven't either! I will soon though so get off my back. Add a comment

So according to Kotaku, Germany's Xbox 360 product manager Boris Schneider-Johne says exclusives aren't as important anymore.

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On the 29th, Stardock announced "The Gamer's Bill of Rights", a list of ideals for PC gamers that publishers should all adhere to (fuck you Electronic Arts).

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