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Stop Making Me Hate Trauma Team

By S.A. Renegade on July 3, 2009 in Bloge

Just shut the fuck up. So a few months back Atlus announced Trauma Team for the Wii, the next installment in the Trauma Center series. Now you all know I’m a huge fan of these games. And I’m not saying that lightly, the way some people go “Oh, haha, yeah, I love those quirky games!” Go die in a car fire.

So when they announced Trauma Team, it made me happy like few things do. But ever since then, Atlus and their PR team has been trying their damn hardest to make me hate the game 6 months before it’s released. First with the way they’ve been advertising the game: focusing on the characters, the story, and “realistic medical procedures”. Ugh. You pack of morons, that’s what matters the least! Clearly these people have no idea what Trauma Center is about. Hell, these PR people probably never even played any of the games! But the developers? They have to know what Trauma Center is about, don’t they? No, apparently not.

Why the FUCK do you insist on making Trauma Center more realistic? Just because a bunch of jackasses who don’t even understand the game and are not even real fans criticized the unrealistic elements? FUCK them. They probably didn’t even play the game properly. Hell, I’m willing to bet that a lot of them didn’t even beat it. Now, I can maybe understand idiots like these having no clue and thinking Trauma Center is supposed to be a medical simulation. But the developers trying to cater to these imbeciles? Actually, who am I kidding, I do understand. It’s always about the money. Even with niche titles like these it’s always about catering to the idiots who aren’t real gamers.

I’m going to spell it out for you dipshits. TRAUMA CENTER IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A MEDICAL SIMULATION. Now, I know most people won’t understand this. Because you’re all retarded. But the most fun operations have always been the ones on Guilt and Stigma. The assholes saying shit like “Oh, it was nice when I was operating on tumors and aneurysms but then with guilt it felt like Space Invaders.” need to be shot. You know why bullshit like that comes out of your mouth, besides the fact that you’re a retard? Because you didn’t even play the game. That’s right, you just struggled through on easy mode with a B rank and played for the “story” or “feeling like a doctor”. You make me sick. It’s because idiots like these are the majority that now Atlus focuses on the things that don’t matter.

And more recently, the project lead for Trauma Team has been quoted as saying: “Our main focus of this game is to be more realistic so things like the healing touch won’t be seen in this game. Maybe characters have their own special things, but it won’t be as outrageous as the healing touch.”

FUCK you. I hope you go to hell and get a pitchfork right up your stupid ass. Now it’s clear that not even the developers have any idea what Trauma Center is supposed to be about. And gotta love how he says making the game more realistic is their main focus. Oh, so gameplay’s just something on the side, right? I mean, fuck balancing the gameplay, forget making it fun, that’s obviously not as important as making it more realistic. Just shut the fuck up already. Why is it that everything Atlus says about this game just makes me hate it? Whatever happened to announcements making you excited about an upcoming game? All they’ve done with their bullshit so far is make me uncertain at best and piss me off at worst. It’s some kind of anti-hype PR move going on where the more they say, the less I like the game. Seriously, it’s to the point where I would’ve been far more excited if they just hadn’t said anything.

In fact, you know how much they’ve made me dislike this game before it’s even been released? So much that I’d rather take New Blood’s unfair bullshit over what this is shaping up to be.

In conclusion fuck the world.

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