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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
DOB: 1987
Place of birth: England
Likes: Action games, RPGs, rambling at length about gamefeel and symbolism, certain types of sushi
Dislikes: MMORPGs, certain types of sushi

Bio: As an ignorant and privileged youth growing up in a castle in the heart of the English countryside, Shepton coasted through life wanting for and achieving nothing, traits which betrayed his obvious millennial leanings. In his late teens, when the harsh realities of life began to sink in (realities such as "having to work for a living") he found himself regretting his wasted youth, and devoted his free time to appreciating and enjoying videogames, the art form that he had taken for granted as a child.

A bitter cynic, distrustful and skeptical of promises made or implied by any and all gaming publishers or developers, Shepton rarely feels excitement for upcoming releases of games, choosing instead to err on the side of pessimism and assume that a game will be a disappointment until proven otherwise. This attitude leads Shepton to avoid most "Triple A" releases, and in recent times has driven him to regress into the world of retro gaming, growing his collection of consoles and games from eras which made him feel comfortable and safe.

Despite awakening to what he believes to be more adult and cerebral concepts, ideals and philosophies, his lazy nature still rears its ugly head, and he will rarely put more effort into anything than he needs to, frequently abandoning projects in half-finished states. He will frequently neglect to write anything for the site for months, or even years, at a time.

"I'm sorry I grew up in a house."