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Shepton Plays Desert Strike

By Shepton on May 22, 2023 in Sheptro

‘sup chochachos. Since I finally got that upscaler I’m doin’ a thing. I’m playing one of my absolute all time favorite games, 1992’s Desert Strike on the Sega Mega Drive.

This game’s fuckin’ FUN and I love playing it. This is one of those games I go back to and play every couple years. The sequels are decent too, but I like Desert the most. S’why I’m playin’ it and even putting my voice to it.

I’m not a performer, so my voice isn’t great, so I’m also putting it out as a long play without commentary. Playlist below. Bonus video coming soon, gotta finish up the audio for that still.

This was all played on original hardware – my cartridge in my own Sega Genesis. Unlike the other long plays I’ve seen on youtube of this game which all have garbled sound or janky emulated visuals. I wanted to put a play through out there that did this game justice and really showed it off as it really is.

A’ight, finished the bonus video as well.


  • Updated with bonus video now that’s finally done.

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