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Yo we got ISSUES

By Shepton on August 27, 2012 in Blogé

We had some issues this past week or so with our hosting, but it’s all good now. Details ‘splained up ins.

I’ll begin by saying that rumors of our death never even started, because nobody even visits this website.

Anyway first of all, shit. Sorry the site’s been up and down this past week. Basically the hosting server went down, but I’ll start from the beginning so I can give a little background info into what happened and why.

Websites are hosted on servers. But in general websites are extremely small. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of websites are under 50mb in size. Obviously, it’d be dumb as hell to have a whole server for every website when sites are so tiny. That’s why each hosting server contains dozens upon dozens (in many cases hundreds) of websites. It’s just practical and logical. It’s how web hosting works. Dedicated hosting (one server entirely dedicated to your website) is drastically more expensive and less practical, so we don’t use that.

Last week at some point, a website that just happened to be hosted on the same server that this one is hosted on got DDoS’d, which brought down the entire server, including all the dozens upon dozens of websites that were sharing it. What I’m saying is that DDoS attacks are the online equivalent of burning down an entire city because you don’t like that somewhere in that city is a Walmart, and you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist asshole.

To ensure this type of bullshit doesn’t happen again, I packed this site up and transplanted it onto a different server with a different hosting provider, yadda yadda. It’s all good again now, working as it should be. Renegade and I haven’t had access to our email for a few days because of it, so if you sent us anything important over the weekend, please try sending it again as we now have email access again.

Anyways. Sorry we been hella quiet on the review front lately. But can you blame us? There’s been NOTHING to write about. Gaming is all dead right now, I guess because devs and publishers are holding off for holiday releases in the last half of the year. I’ll be writing about Guild Wars 2 soon, I guess, since I got dragged into playing that with a few friends, so look out for that review if you’re unbelievably bored.

It kinda doesn’t help that I’ve had a lot to do lately. I’m gearing up to move to America in October, so I’ve been dealing with a lot of immigration paperwork and things like that and I haven’t really had the time to keep up to date with things. But you know what, I got no excuses. I gotta review more shit. I’ll try harder guys, I promise. And by guys I mean Lemonparty, the one guy who might actually visit enough to see this.

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