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What now FFaggots?!

By Shepton on November 5, 2010 in Blogé

Remember when video game companies at least pretended to be making games to entertain people?

Remember when the video game industry didn’t seem like an industry? It just kinda… seemed like magic game fairies gave us entertainment? Seems to me that it’s rare to ever get legitimate enjoyment out of games these days.

The latest news from Square-Enix has me in stitches. It’s hilarious, and I can’t help but think they completely deserved the situation that they’ve put themselves in. They’ve spent years ruining themselves. Final Fantasy 9 was the last good game Squaresoft ever made. It’s still good today. Most of the series is, from Final Fantasy 1 through 9. But 14 seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. SE are now desperately trying to make up for the pile of absolute shit that they made people pay for. They admitted that it’s unacceptable, but only when the shockingly vast majority of people who bought the game stopped playing it altogether did SE finally seem to give a shit about softening the blow on their own collective wallets. It’s mind boggling to think about what must have been going through their minds. Why was this game ever released in this state? Why was it even conceived? Why were they proud enough of it to release it? For actual money? How can they ever hope to fix the game? The suits and ties in charge of SE need to gather in the board room and collectively fire each other. Or commit suicide. Both good.

Fifth of vodka might help them with the suicide. I’ll happily buy. But they seriously need to just scrap FFXIV and start over with it. Just remove it. Take it away. Beg for forgiveness, offer full refunds, and make it all over again from the beginning.

Of all the shitty things to do, though, they released this abomination of a game and charged money for it. Actual, real money. I don’t understand it. Why? WHY would they launch such an obviously terrible game that they KNOW is awful? And expect people to play it, and for it to be a success? Apparently this month the first of their “regaining trust” updates will be implemented, but even SE doubt that the game can be salvaged.

November is going to be a hilarious month. I can’t wait for the small handful of idiots to claim that the update has saved the game, and for the hundreds of thousands of other players to try it, see it for what it really is, and confirm once and for all that the game is still, and always will be, terrible. Anyway, sorry this blogé is nothing but a poorly constructed rant, but it’s been on my mind lately how monumentally dumb SE have become. Were they always this way?

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