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Section 8

By Shepton on October 28, 2009 in Blogé

Alright look. This isn’t a review. I played this game for ten minutes and wanted to rip out my eyeballs and die.

Why the hell did they make this game?! The graphics are really fucking bad. The characters are the exact same characters we’ve seen in EVERY GOD DAMN FUCKING GAME THAT HAS THE SAME STORY AS THIS ONE. The movement, the weapons, the health, the shields, are all completely god damn pathetic.

The graphics are so terrible I actually thought I was experiencing pop-in graphic lag. Like how things look bad and blurry but then the textures pop in and they look nice and sharp? But no. Everything’s just shitty and blurry and half-assed. I think students made this game. I also think they weren’t paid to do so.

Originality has been dead for a very long time, but that’s never stopped people from trying before. Before Section 8, that is. Not only is it built on the same engine as every half-assed FPS ever made in the last few years, the main character is a copy/paste of a copy/paste of a copy/paste of a copy/paste.

Section 8 breaks my one, main rule: Nobody should be a cock to a stranger, ever! I believe it breaks this rule because the developers could not possibly have thought anyone could enjoy this. It has to be some sick joke. Some form of psychological torture.

This game is so bad it doesn’t even deserve my wrath. For my own sake I’m not going to talk about it anymore. I hope nobody actually bought this shit, jesus god damn christ.

God dammit, I was having a GOOD DAY. Fuck you.

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