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Disappoin™ent – An IM transcript

By Shepton on July 28, 2009 in Blogé

A few days ago, Renegade and I had a little chat about those annoying ™ symbols that so often appear on your console’s dashboard, or on the game’s main menu, and on every single instance of the game’s name in its manual. We figured it seemed like a good thing to subject you all to.


18:18:49 Renegade: Why the fuck does Dead Space need a ™?
18:19:04 Shepton: Man I don’t know.
18:19:07 Renegade: Seriously it’s always like Dead Space™
18:19:12 Renegade: No other game does that >O
18:19:18 Shepton: Ugh yes they do :/
18:19:26 Shepton: The expensive ones. The ones that’re all graphics.
18:19:32 Shepton: Doesn’t Assassin’s Creed have a ™?
18:19:48 Shepton: I swear a whole bunch of the overhyped ones or the planned trilogy ones have ™s.
18:19:58 Renegade: Oh yeah Prototype has it too ._.
18:20:00 Shepton: And how can they trademark Dead Space.
18:20:15 Shepton: I mean, dead space is the name for air that you breath in but doesn’t get used and gets breathed back out.
18:20:24 Renegade: XD
18:20:45 Renegade: Oh Army of Two has it too.
18:20:58 Renegade: Assassin’s Creed doesn’t.
18:21:05 Shepton: Yeah AoT does.
18:21:10 Shepton: far cry does
18:21:25 Shepton: eternal sonata, resident evil, street fighter :/
18:21:38 Shepton: I guess I can understand long running franchises having it.
18:21:40 Renegade: Street Fighter doesn’t ;x
18:21:44 Shepton: Yeah it does.
18:21:48 Shepton: Look at your SF 4 box.
18:22:02 Renegade: Oh nah. Every single game has it there.
18:22:13 Shepton: Ohh you mean on the dashboard and shit?
18:22:16 Renegade: Yeah.
18:22:29 Shepton: Right yeah that is dumb as ALL hell.
18:22:30 Shepton: It’s like
18:22:32 Shepton: Hey
18:22:38 Shepton: I KNOW ALREADY >O
18:22:56 Shepton: Besides it’s not like anybody could steal the name of a game that’s already been published anyway.
18:23:09 Renegade: XD exactly
18:23:14 Renegade: It’s just so retarded.
18:23:15 Shepton: What’re they gonna do, make a shitty game and call it Resident Evil and expect people to buy it.
18:23:29 Shepton: … That sounds like a plan actually.
18:23:38 Shepton: I mean, that’s what happened with Resident Evil 5 right.
18:23:41 Shepton: Zing ;D
18:23:47 Renegade: XD
18:23:59 Renegade: How much of an asshole you gotta be to put a ™ after every single mention of your game >O
18:24:18 Renegade: Fable has an ®
18:24:56 Renegade: Oh, only fable pub games.
18:25:01 Renegade: But not Fable II.
18:25:05 Shepton: ;x
18:25:05 Renegade: Weird.
18:25:06 Shepton: Man
18:25:08 Shepton: Fuckin’ Fable
18:25:24 Shepton: It’s like
18:25:32 Shepton: You EXPECT it to suck and be a huge disappointment
18:25:43 Shepton: And then it still somehow disappoints you even though you already know it will.
18:25:47 Renegade: XFD
18:26:21 Shepton: It’s like Peter Molyneux has figured out how to transcend regular disappointment and somehow find a new meta-disappointment and inflict it on you.
18:26:31 Renegade: XD
18:27:07 Renegade: And now with Milo he’s pioneering all new possibilities for disappointment.
18:27:14 Renegade: Actually I dunno if that could even be called disappointment.
18:27:29 Shepton: Man that’s something… else.
18:27:32 Shepton: Something terrifying.

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