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Journey Trophy Guide

By Shepton on April 12, 2012 in Guides

A’ight, we got trophies. This guide covers all the trophies in thatgamecompany’s Journey and includes a buncha videos ‘n’ shit.




    1. Symbols and Glyphs


    1. Other trophies


  1. The fuckin’ copyright shit or whatever

Symbols and Glyphs

This section of the guide details how to find all of the hidden symbols and glyphs in the game, unlocking two trophies and the ability to change the color of your robe in the process.


Symbols are little glowing white square things that increase the length of your scarf when you touch them. There are 21 in the game. Collecting them all unlocks the trophy “Transcendence”, and gives you the ability to change your red robe into a white one which automatically recharges your scarf whenever you’re in contact with solid ground, without having to be near any cloth creatures.

At the end of each level, where you activate the white robed statue and receive a cutscene, you can tell if you’ve collected every symbol in the level. At the base of the white robed statue you’ll see 3 or 4 glowing stones, similar to the stones in the level select area mentioned above. If any are unlit, you missed a symbol. In most cases you can go back and explore the level before you progress.

In the level select hub area of the game, you will see a small hollow to the right hand side of the final level select room where 21 little stones sit in a stair-like formation. These represent every symbol in the game and each stone will light up when you’ve found its respective symbol. Once all are found and all the stones have been lit as a result, a tall bundle of glowing white cloth sheets will be appear stretching out of the nearby platform. Step into that to don the white robe. Your face will also gain a little yellow line over the “mouth”, like the white robed figured from your vision cutscenes.

Side note regarding robes: You’ve probably noticed that the pattern around the hem of your robe changes. This changes depending on the number of Journeys you’ve completed from start to finish. That has nothing to do with trophies or number of secrets found, the pattern on your robe simply changes when you complete a full Journey from start to finish. You don’t have to do it in one sitting, but you can’t use level select or it won’t count. After three full journeys, the pattern won’t change any more.


Glyphs are the large hieroglyphic, mural-like patterns that you come across throughout the game. They tell a little bit of the backstory of the game’s world and the civilization that used to inhabit it. They are always flanked by four standing stones, two on either side of them, that glow when you touch them or “sing” to them by holding the circle button. Upon making all four of the standing stones glow, the glyph will reveal its image. There are technically 15 in total, but only 10 of them count towards the trophy, and 5 of them just act as “switches” which you need to use to get through level 6. Activating all of the 10 hidden glyphs grants the trophy “History”.


Level 1

Symbol 1 – You can’t miss this. After the game’s title screen appears, make your way through the field of gravestones to the introductory symbol.

Glyph 1 – Instead of heading down into the large level select area, turn to your right after the first symbol and head forward. In the distance you should see the top of a small ruin. The glyph is inside.

Symbol 2 – In the middle of the level select area where four pieces of cloth are swaying in the wind, drop off the side to find the second symbol hidden just under the edge of the platform.

Symbol 3 – Now your scarf is a little longer and you can jump higher, you can get the third symbol more easily, on a small raised platform just off to the side of the large platform in the center. You can actually get this one before the one up top really. I’m just being colorful in the video and wasting time by floating around all over the place. I figure everybody already knows where these symbols are and this video is just here for the sake of completeness.


Level 2

Symbol 4 – From your starting point, look to the left. In the distance near a rock formation you should see this level’s first symbol.

Symbol 5 – From the first symbol, head directly towards the far end of the level, where you should see lots of sandfalls pouring down the cliff. This symbol is barely obscured in an alcove behind two small sandfalls.

Symbol 6 – From symbol 2, cross under the bridge. You should come across an outcrop of rocks with a piece of cloth on top blowing in the wind, near some large sandfalls. Activate the cloth to make a bunch of little cloth-fish things appear. Hold circle to cause them to lift you into the air for a larger jump and glide over to the top of the sandfalls, where you should be able to see this symbol.

Glyph 2 – Underneath symbol 6, behind the large sandfalls.


Level 3

This level is large and landmarks are few and far between. As a result it can be a little tricky to accurately describe the locations of all of these symbols and glyphs with words alone, but I’ll do my best. If you have any trouble, refer to the video.

You might as well get the Explore and Mirage trophies while you’re here, too. Those trophies are described a little further down the page, but they also show up in this video because it was easier and more practical to just lump them all together, since they’re all sort of on the way to each other and hard to miss if you keep your eyes open.

Symbol 7 – As you begin the level, head forwards to find the remains of one of those stone dragon things with a cloth blowing around on it, with the ruins of a small wall just up ahead. Use that wall as a marker. Turn right, so that you’re parrallel with the wall, and follow where the wall is pointing. Keep going for a little while and you should see a small ruin up ahead, along with another cloth. The symbol is on top of it.

Glyph 3 – From symbol 7, head directly towards the mountain. Keep going for a while and you’ll find another small ruin in a hollow valley-like area between dunes. The glyph is inside it.

Symbol 8 – From the glyph, head directly towards the mountain and keep going. You’ll trigger a cutscene where two glowing “stars” fly out of the mountain. One should crash down inside a circular ruin, becoming this symbol.

Symbol 9 – After getting the symbol from the circular ruin, when facing the mountain, turn left and follow the large sand dune. After quite a walk you should come across a pretty large tower-like ruin. On top of it you’ll find this symbol.

Glyph 4 – From symbol 9, turn away from the mountain, essentially going back towards the beginning of the level. Over the crest of the sand dune you should come across the remains of another stone dragon, as well as this glyph.

Symbol 10 – Okay, sorry about all the weird navigating around the desert. Just head towards the mountain and the end of the level now. When you reach the top of the tower, before you activate the white robed statue and end the level, check behind and to the left of the stairs that lead to the statue. This symbol is tucked away there.


Level 4

Symbol 11 – Awww yeah, time to carve the shit outta some sand slopes. As the level starts, keep to the left path. Follow the first few arches, but then veer to the right when you see the remains of what looks like part of a bridge. Go over it to catch some sick air and grab the symbol along the way.

Symbol 12 – After the first surfing section, you’ll fly out of a tunnel and into a large valley where you have to activate a bunch of cloths in order to reach the next surfing section. The easiest way to get this symbol, though, is to fly to the right as soon as you come out of the tunnel. This symbol is on a ledge on the way down. If you miss it, you can still reach it by activating all of the cloths and using the bunch of little fish cloth creatures to boost you up there.

Glyph 5 – Before moving on to the next surfing section, head to the very back of the little valley. You’ll find a small group of those fish-cloth things and they’ll boost you up to an alcove where this glyph is.

Symbol 13 – In the second surfing section, stay to the left of the first large hill you come across, and then turn right after it, following the path around it. You’ll then curve left a little bit and you should soon see a large rocky outcrop ahead of you that acts as a ramp. Fly off of it and one of the little magic carpet flying cloth creatures should give you a boost to make sure you reach the valley between the two hills where this symbol is.

I guess an easier description of this symbol’s location is to take the middle path during the second surfing section, and jump over the rocky ramp into the valley.

Again, I apologize if this description seems a little vague. It’s a little difficult to describe the locations of these things in a game with such open environments. Refer to the video for a more accurate depiction of where that symbol is.

Glyph 6 – At the end of the level after falling down into the dark dungeon, simply go to the left of the white robed statue to find this glyph in a small ruin.


Level 5

Symbol 14 – Shortly after thelevel begins, you’ll be walking through a bunch of hollow tube-like things. At one point you’ll see a few of them right next to each other, with one standing up at an angle. Go inside it to find this symbol.

Symbol 15 – Very soon after symbol 14, you’ll reach the top of a small hill and the camera angle will change, zooming out to show you a whole series of those tube-like structures and a bunch of tall bits of cloth that wave around like seaweed. One of the tubes on the upper level on the right hand side contains this symbol. Fly over to it, or climb one of the bits of seaweed to get inside.

Symbol 16 – Right after the room with all the stone tubes, you’ll find a room filled with seaweed cloth and a few of those jellyfish cloth creatures. Use the seaweed and jellyfish to fly up to the top jellyfish in this room. The symbol sits on top of the highest jellyfish cloth creature.

Glyph 7 – After you encounter the stone dragon, proceed to the next room where you’ll see it devour a small group of little floaty fish cloth creatures. As soon as you see it smash through them, turn left and head up the slope, and look to your left to find this glyph.

Symbol 17 – After the second stone dragon activates, stick to the left or right hand side of the room and keep moving forwards, leaving your camera facing the center of the room (where the dragons are flying back and forth) all the while. You’ll soon pass a wall, and this symbol is behind it. As long as you keep your camera pointed towards the center of the room, you won’t miss this.

If you miss this, you can turn back after you reach the end of the level to get it. Simply slide down to the finish, let the light scare away the dragons, then trudge back up the hill. You should then be able to see it, and the dragons are gone so there’s no risk. But it’s not like getting it in the first place is difficult or anything. Just keep your camera facing the area where the dragons are patrolling and you’ll see it.


Level 6

Tons of glyphs in this room, but only one is hidden (and only the hidden one actually counts towards the trophy). I don’t think I’ll need to describe to you where most of these are because you have to activate them to proceed, so I just use brief descriptions. I do list all of them and include all of them in the video simply to avoid any confusion.

Glyph 8 – On the ground floor, to the left. You can see it as you enter the room.

Symbol 18 – Tons of symbols up in this room too. This one is on a platform to the side of the central tower, easily accessible after activating the first glyph.

Glyph 9 – Make your way across the circular platforms, making use of the fish-cloth creatures if your scarf runs out to reach this glyph.

Symbol 19 – After activating the previous glyph, you’ll see a bunch of jellyfish cloth creatures. Turn right from the glyph and float upwards. Above the “water” level, you should see this symbol glowing inside a little balcony-room-thing. It’s just above and right of the glyph you just activated, but if you have trouble finding it, float to the tower in the center of the room and look around just above the level of the light/water until you see it glowing in a little room.

Glyph 10 – Float up the jellyfish and activate this one.

Glyph 11 – This is the hidden glyph. It doesn’t raise the level of the light in the room, so you don’t need to activate it to progress. After activating the previous glyph, pay attention to where the huge cloth whale floats out from. Fly into that room! Simple. The glyph is in the middle of this hidden room.

Symbol 20 – Don’t leave the hidden room just yet. See all the pieces of cloth hanging down around the glyph? Go behind them and you’ll find this symbol behind the first and second pieces of cloth to the left side of the room.

Symbol 21 – Fly back out into the main room. This symbol is inside the tower, right in the middle.

Glyph 12 – Fly out of the tower after grabbing that symbol and straight up to activate this glyph which will trigger a bunch of scarf bridges to appear, leading to the last glyph here.

Glyph 13 – The final glyph in the room. It raises the light level high enough for you to reach the top of the tower and end the level.

(Side note: After activating this final glyph, float all the way back down to the bottom of the room and go inside the tower to find a creature from flOw, one of thatgamecompany’s earlier games. Hang around it for a little while and you’ll get the “Ancestors” trophy)


Level 7

No symbols in this level, just the last two glyphs in the game.

Glyph 14 – As you slowly make your way up the slopes, you’ll come across a cold, shivering magic carpet type creature inside the remains of a stone dragon. Shortly after that, you’ll round a corner and after a climb up a bunch of steps, you should find a room to your left with a lantern and some standing stones inside it. Charge circle to do your wide area singing thing to activate the stones and light the lantern. The room warms up, and a bunch of cloth fish will float down. Have them boost you up to the alcove above the lantern to find this glyph.

Glyph 15 – After crossing the bridge and climbing the staircase, you’ll come into a wide, open area where the stone dragons patrol the skies. Simply hug the left wall all the way up. You’ll avoid the dragons and eventually reach a little cavern where the final glyph can be found.


Other trophies


This one can be tricky to get successfully online due to some nignoramous ruining it for you with their nignorance and activating the bridge before you can get the trophy. Essentially what you need to do is make it to the end of the level without activating all three pieces of cloth bridge. Instead, just activate the last two, and then use the fish creatures near the first bridge to boost you up, then float to the top of the large unactivated bridge cloth nearby which will recharge your scarf without activating the whole cloth. From the tip of the cloth you’ll be able to jump up to the stone section of the bridge without creating the first cloth bridge.

I can’t think of a better way to explain that, so watch the video if you’re confused.

There are, of course, other ways of doing this as well. For instance, you can activate the first, third and fourth bridges, and as long as your scarf is long enough you should be able to make the jump where the second bridge would ordinarily be. The way shown in the video is just a pretty easy way to get this trophy solo.



In level 3, the huge, wide open desert, you can get a couple of trophies by thoroughly exploring the area. There’s five unactivated pieces of cloth which, when found and activated, will release a few of those “magic carpet” creatures. Activating all five will unlock the trophy “Explore” when you reach the end of the level. There’s also a flower hidden in a little valley between some sand dunes. It’s a reference to thatgamecompany’s previous game, Flower. Finding it unlocks the “Mirage” trophy.

My aim with this video was to be as thorough as possible, so I try to show off as many landmarks as I can in order to help you get your bearings and understand the orientation of the map a little easier. As a result it’s a little long as I don’t cut between things, because I wanted to show you how to get from one place to the next without getting lost or missing things.

Explore (1/5)

From the start of the level, head forward. You’ll find a piece of a stone dragon with a cloth sticking out of it, and the remains of a wall. Activate the cloth to release a magic carpet cloth creature.

Explore (2/5)

Just beyond the cloth for the first creature, you’ll see a ruined wall in the sand. Turn right and follow where the wall is pointing. After climbing a dune or two, you’ll see some ruins in the distance. Head over to them for the cloth for creature 2 (and symbol 7).

Side note: Mirage is really close to this cloth creature and symbol 7. From this ruin, head over the dune towards the mountain. You’ll see some rocks on the floor in a line. Follow those over the next dune and in the valley you should see the flower among some rocks.

Explore (3/5)

From the flower, turn left (sort of headed back towards where you found the first cloth creature). You can follow the groove between sand dunes up in this direction. At the top of the dune, look down and to the left and you should see the remains of a stone dragon. It looks sort of like bones, or a spine. The cloth which releases the third creature is there among the bones.

Explore (4/5)

Head towards the mountain. At some point you’ll likely come across the small ruins containing the first glyph, and the circular ruins where the shooting star falls from the mountain and becomes a symbol. From either of these ruins, turn left (so the mountain is to your right). Keep heading that direction and eventually you’ll come across the ruins of a tower (where symbol 9 is). Near this tower is the cloth for the fourth creature.

Explore (5/5)

From this tower, turn back so that the mountain is behind you, and head over the dunes behind the tower. You should find some more little ruins containing glyph 4 and the final cloth creature. Now you can go ahead and beat this level. At the end, after the cutscene with the white robed figure, this trophy should pop just before you ride the magic carpet creature off into the next level.



After finding the second cloth and symbol 7, turn towards the mountain and climb over the sand dune. You should see some small rocks dotted around in a row on the floor ahead. Follow them. You’ll come to a valley between sand dunes and should see the flower amongst some stones. Stand next to it for a while and eventually the “Mirage” trophy will pop.



During level 4, simply make sure you surf through as many archways as you can. If you go through at least 15, the trophy will pop towards the end of the level, before you enter the tunnel where the camera pans to your side so you can watch the sun set over the ruins of the desert city. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get this trophy while also getting both symbols in the level, so if you want to get both Transcendence and Adventure, you might need to go through the level and get the symbols, then go to the chapter select and do it again for Adventure, or whatever.

Side note: After the first surfing section, when you fly out of the tunnel into the valley where you have to activate four pieces of cloth, you are technically able to simply fly out of the tunnel and directly into the next surfing section provided that your scarf is long enough and charged up, bypassing the valley. HOWEVER! If you do that, you won’t get the trophy. Tried and tested a bunch of times personally. That’s not important, but I just thought it was interesting. So basically, if you’re definitely flying through 15+ arches and this achievement simply won’t come up, make sure you’re taking the time to land in the valley and activate the four pieces of cloth.



In level 5, simply make sure not to get hit by the stone dragons. This is easy as long as you stay to the left or right hand sides of the room. The dragons only patrol the center of the long hallways. This trophy will pop at the very beginning of level 6, though, so don’t be alarmed if you make it all the way through level 5 and the trophy doesn’t come up right away. Do the cutscene, then head through the door to level 6 and the trophy should pop up then.



After activating the final glyph in level 6 and reaching the top of the tower, simply float all the way back down to the bottom and go inside the tower, where you’ll find an odd creature made of light floating around. This is a creature from thatgamecompany’s “flOw”, one of their earlier games. Simply hang around with it for a while and this trophy should pop. You have to have activated the last glyph in the tower for this to appear, though you don’t need to activate the “hidden” glyph in the room. Just make sure to float down and say hi before you leave the level, basically.



This trophy can be a little frustrating. When playing online, once you have a partner in your game, simply hit Select to sit down and pray that they do the same. Sit with each other for twenty seconds and this trophy will pop. It can be difficult to get because a lot of people are either assholes, or are too fucking stupid to sit the fuck down.



Just keep playing online until this trophy pops. Once ten different people have joined your game, however briefly, this trophy will show up. It’ll probably happen in your first or second play through. You don’t even need to see or interact with the people who join.



Beat the game, sit back, chill out, enjoy the credits, and wait for this to pop.



When you reach the final level, make sure you walk into the light at the end with another player beside you. Pretty simple if you’ve been playing through the game with a partner. If you’ve been going for the “Companion” trophy, you should get this at the same time.



Beat the game with the same co-op partner for the majority of the game. This can be a little tricky, honestly, unless you find a player early on and stick to them like glue. My advice? Just chill
at the start of level 2 or 3 until someone shows up, then stick with them until the end. If you stray too far apart, you’ll drop out of each other’s games, so just keep close and make sure that
you’re together when you finish the levels. If you go into the cutscene at the end of the level at different times, you’re also likely to get separated.

In my experience this trophy seems to work if you’re with the same player for at least 3 or 4 full levels and reach the very end of the game together.



Beat the game, don’t play it for a week, then play it again. Or you could just set the clock on your PS3 to be a week ahead, then load it up again.


And there ya go, that’s Journey’s trophies. Hit up the comments section if you’re having any trouble, or just watch the videos.


The fuckin’ copyright shit or whatever

Just don’t copy my shit without permission you fuckstick. Feel free to copy/paste chunks of this guide AS LONG AS YOU LINK TO WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM. AS IN THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE:

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