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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations

By Shepton on November 5, 2009 in Guides

This guide details the locations of every hidden intel item in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.




  1. About intel
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About Intel

Enemy intel can be found throughout Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and comes in the form of laptop computers hidden in many of the game’s levels. On the Xbox 360, collecting 22 of them earns you the achievement “The Road Less Traveled” for 10 gamerscore, and collecting all 45 of them earns you the achievement “Leave No Stone Unturned” for another 10 gamerscore. The items have no effect on gameplay and are entirely optional extras.

Intel Locations

Act 1

Level: S.S.D.D.

Intel in this level: 1 (#1)

Intel 01:
Opposite the entrance to the obstacle course, beneath a watchtower.


Level: Team Player

Intel in this level: 2 (#2 and #3)

Intel 02:
On the right hand wall of a classroom, near some barrels, on a desk. This is the final classroom in the school that you’ll pass through.

Intel 03:
As soon as you leave the school, this can be found on a crate near a taxi cab.


Level: Cliffhanger

Intel in this level: 3 (#4, #5 and #6)

Intel 04:
Soon after Soap says you should split up, you should see a watchtower ahead of you. Climb the ladder to find this intel at the top.

Intel 05:
After planting the C4 on the fuelling station, go to meet Soap, but instead of following him inside the building, turn around and check the other building. You should see some engineers working on a jet. The laptop is just inside the window. Smash the glass to grab it.

Intel 06:
This one is tricky to spot. While on the snowmobile, you should come across a fence around a bunch of trees pretty much in the middle of the path, with a wooden shack-like structure on a hill to your right. If you check in amongst the trees you should find the intel. This is roughly 1900-1800 meters from your objective, so keep an eye on the distance. Just drive over it to pick it up, since you can’t dismount the snowmobile.


Level: Takedown

Intel in this level: 4 (#7, #8, #9 and #10)

Intel 07:
In the southernmost corner of the favela, you should see a blue and silver motorcycle leaning against a red brick building. South of this red brick building you should see a building with yellow bricks and a large window in the side. Enter this building to find the laptop on a table.

Intel 08:
As you proceed through the alleyway you should see a building with a ladder on its wall. Climb up and head through the door to find the intel on a table.

Intel 09:
Just when you see Rojas climbing across rooftops ahead of you, you’ll be attacked by quite a large number of enemies. In a small building to the left, up a short wooden staircase, with a wooden chest of drawers visible inside the door, one enemy will be shooting at you. Enter that building and head to the back room to find this intel.

Intel 10:
Almost at the end of the mission. When you come across a wrecked, burning green car on the left of a small building, head inside to find this laptop. If you’ve come at the building from the other side you should see a sort of wooden platform with a gap in it. You can enter the building from here too. The intel is downstairs, between some beds.


Act 2

Level: Wolverines!

Intel in this level: 4 (#11, #12, #13 and #14)

Intel 11:
Pretty easy to find – it’s inside the gas station you’ll see after leaving the alleyway. It’s on the counter.

Intel 12:
This one’s inside the CRB Financial building, left of the entrance, under the Online banking sign.

Intel 13:
Inside the ruined “Taco to Go” building. You have to enter through the corner of the building which has been destroyed.

Intel 14:
East side of the Burger Town building, in a dumpster.


Level: The Hornet’s Nest

Intel in this level: 4 (#15, #16, #17 and #18)

Intel 15:
After you leave the first area and start moving down an alley, enter the door on the right and you should see a blue car inside. Check this house and you should find the laptop on a table.

Intel 16:
After moving around the next few corners you’ll come to a more open area, with some ruined old cars and other junk. Keep left and you should see a small shed-like thing attached to the building in front of you. Inside the shed on a barrel is the laptop.

Intel 17:
While moving up the steeply inclined street, you should see a building on the right that you can enter. The intel is inside, upstairs.

Intel 18:
Before getting onto the roof in the final area, turn right and you should see a window behind the goal. The intel is inside.


Level: Exodus

Intel in this level: 3 (#19, #20 and #21)

Intel 19:
This intel is on a desk inside the office building near the place where the enemies start to rappel in from the helicopter.

Intel 20:
To the right of the archway over the road, near the toll booths. It’s on a table to your right when you enter.

Intel 21:
Shortly after crossing the bridge, enter the second house on the right. Upstairs in this building you’ll find the intel on a sofa.


Level: The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday

Intel in this level: 3 (#22, #23 and #24)

Intel 22:
Before leaving the building, this intel can be found in the last room before you leave, on a metal shelf/rack thing on the wall.

Intel 23:
Follow Soap into the room on the right to find this intel in another metal rack/shelf. This is after Plan B is executed.

Intel 24:
Before you head upstairs outside with the rest of the crew, check in the room to the right and beneath the stairs inside to find the intel.


Level: The Gulag

Intel in this level: 4 (#25, #26, #27 and #28)

Intel 25:
Near the beginning of the level you’ll be proceeding towards an archway with a couple of red lights. Instead, go to the stone stairs just before the arch and enter the room nearby to find this intel on some cabinets.

Intel 26:
You’ll come across a large “wall” of monitors as you progress. Go behind them and you’ll see this intel on a desk.

Intel 27:
After you get the riot shield, leave the room where you got it and turn left. Head down the corridor and you should see an open cell on the right. The intel is inside.

Intel 28:
After finding your objective, you can find this intel on a desk to your left.


Level: Of Their Own Accord

Intel in this level: 2 (#29 and #30)

Intel 29:
Get inside the broken elevator (with the door that can’t close) and you can find this intel next to the dead guy inside.

Intel 30:
You should come across a room with a balcony that has an anti-air missile battery on it that you can blow up with C4. Back in the room, an enemy will stick his hand through a door and shoot at you. Kill him, enter his, room turn left and you should see this intel on a table down a short corridor.


Act 3

Level: Contingency

Intel in this level: 3 (#31, #32 and #33)

Intel 31:
After being attacked by the vehicle and fleeing into the trees, you’ll soon come across a patrol of four or five guys. There’s a pipeline overhead and a parachute nearby. Check under the parachute for this laptop.

Intel 32:
Enter building 33 to find the intel inside on a table.

Intel 33:
A little north of building 33 you should see some stairs that go up to a helicopter landing pad. The intel is in the north-west corner.


Level: Whiskey Hotel

Intel in this level: 2 (#34 and #35)

Intel 34:
When you finally reach Whiskey Hotel and you’re told to flank left, this intel is on a sofa in the building on the left. You can only get to this intel once the door has been opened.

Intel 35:
After you climb the first set of stairs on your way to the roof you can find this intel to the right, on a table.


Level: Loose Ends

Intel in this Level: 3 (#36, #37 and #38)

Intel 36:
Before you go inside the house, check behind it to find a boat dock. The intel is on a crate nearby.

Intel 37:
On the top floor of the house in the locked room.

Intel 38:
In a locked room in the basement. It’s on a crate opposite the weapons on the wall.


Level: The Enemy Of My Enemy

Intel in this level: 2 (#39 and #40)

Intel 39:
At the very beginning of the level, this can be found in the nose of the plane to your right.

Intel 40:
After sliding out of the plane, while moving up the hill you should see the nose of a large, grey aircraft which is facing the road. Go inside the plane to find this intel.


Level: Just Like Old Times

Intel in this level: 4 (#41, #42, #43 and #44)

Intel 41:
After the patrol moves past in the tunnels, kill the guy by the monitor and keep going to find the intel near the entrance to the cave.

Intel 42:
Before leaving the tunnels, it’s to the left hand side on a table.

Intel 43:
After you move around the chasm, this one can be found in a little alcove in amongst some weapons and ammo.

Intel 44:
After breaching the room near the end of the level, you can find this intel on a desk inside, to the left of the computer the captain is using.


Level: Endgame

Intel in this level: 1 (#45)

Intel 45:
This can be found right at the start of the level before you get in the vehicle.

Congratulations, you should now have every intel item in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and both of the relevant achievements if you’re playing on the 360.

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