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Call Of Duty 4 Intel Item Locations

By Shepton on October 14, 2009 in Guides

With Modern Warfare 2 on the way, I decided I’d get myself into gear by replaying Call of Duty 4, and I figured I’d make a guide to finding all of its 30 hidden intel items while I was at it. I hope it helps you!


I’m also going to make a guide for Modern Warfare 2’s 45 hidden intel items shortly after it’s released, so be sure to check back in the near future for that.


  1. About enemy intel
  2. Intel locations

About Enemy Intel

Enemy intel can be found throughout Call of Duty 4, and comes in the form of laptop computers hidden in many of the game’s levels. On the Xbox 360, collecting half of them (15) earns you the achievement “Look Sharp” for 20 gamerscore, and collecting all 30 of them earns you the achievement “Eyes and Ears” for another 20 gamerscore. The items have no effect on gameplay and are entirely optional extras.

Intel Locations


Level: Crew Expendable

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#1 and #2)

Intel #1
Shortly after boarding the ship, you’ll enter the cabin and see a drunk guy slowly stumble out of a room. Enter that room and you should see a few guys in bunk beds – the laptop is on a desk near the door.

Intel #2
When you enter the room with raised walkways on either side, to your right at the bottom of some steps near the door you entered from is an open panel on the floor, the laptop is right on top of it. It’s very hard to miss, if you follow the SAS guys you should walk right past it.

Act 1

Level: Blackout

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#3 and #4)

Intel #3
At the very beginning of the mission you should see a small shack with a couple of guys in it. Look inside it to find the laptop.

Intel #4
In the house where Nikolai is being held, check the bathroom upstairs to find this laptop. This is opposite the room that Nikolai is in.


Level: Charlie Don’t Surf

Number of laptops in this level: 3 (#5, #6 and #7)

Intel #5
After breaching the first door and being told to take point, you’ll head downstairs into the basement where you’ll find quite a few terrorists and a cache of weapons. Check the room on the left to find this intel.

Intel #6
This one can be easy to miss and it’s a little tricky to explain where it is. After leaving the first building, take the side streets (you should see a blue and white car parked up ahead of you, and a lot of enemies will appear from behind the white car). Follow these backstreets and you’ll come across a small two-story building at the end of the road, where an enemy is sniping from a window on the second floor. Head upstairs to find the laptop on a table. This is just before the main road where the jeep drives past and starts shooting at you. If you reach the jeep, back track a little bit and head down the alley to find the building.

Intel #7
Just after you cross the main road where the jeep shot at you, you’ll be amongst a lot of parked cars, with some stairs leading up to a ruined building on your right. Go up the stairs to find the laptop.


Level: The Bog

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#8 and #9)

Intel #8
Just after Private Roycewicz’ encounter on the stairs, you’ll clear out a room and make use of a mounted machine gun to attack the enemy’s flank. After this, head back into the corridor and you should see some marines breaching a door. Enter this room and the laptop is to your left.

Intel #9
After using the javelin to destroy the four tanks on the bridge, the marines will move through a hole in a nearby fence. Explore this area (keep heading left) and you should come across an area with a refrigerator and a stack of boxes nearby. Look behind the boxes to find the laptop.


Level: Hunted

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#10 and #11)

Intel #10
Fairly early in the level you’ll move through a field and break into a basement door of a house. After exiting this building, you should see a fairly long building in front of you with a vending machine near its entrance. The laptop is inside on a table.

Intel #11
After you leave the second greenhouse, you should see a ruined building on your left. The laptop is just beyond this building, outside on a table, with a sheet metal roof above it. This is just before you shoot the helicopter down with the stinger missile.


Level: War Pig

Number of laptops in this level: 3 (#12, #13 and #14)

Intel #12
After Warpig begins to move into the street you’ll be involved in a large skirmish, with enemies in all the surrounding buildings. Check the first building on your right that you’re able to enter, and head up the stairs and into the room on your left to find the laptop on the table.

Intel #13
Across the street from the previous building, on the second floor. If you play multiplayer, you’ll recognise this building as the one where people always snipe from.

Intel #14
Towards the end of the level, the marines will push a dumpster forward to use as cover from the mounted machine guns in the building ahead, and then they’ll breach the door. Head upstairs and check the room on the left for the intel.


Level: Shock and Awe

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#15 and #16)

Intel #15
When you rendezvous with the team of marines upstairs, check to the right to find the laptop, before leaving the building.

Intel #16
After you leave the building mentioned above, check the building straight in front of you on the second floor, in a closet.

Act 2

Level: Safehouse

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#17 and #18)

Intel #17
At the beginning of the level when you approach the buildings, you should see a church to your left and a building just in front of you with a large satellite dish outside. Enter that building and head upstairs to find the intel in one of the rooms.

Intel #18
Head uphill and enter the building that’s just above the large, burning building. You should see several tables and small couches arranged like a small restaurant. The laptop is on one of the tables.


Level: All Ghillied Up

Number of laptops in this level: 3 (#19, #20 and #21)

Intel #19
Near the beginning of the level, once you snipe the guard in the church tower and head inside the church, climb the ladder to find the laptop in the tower.

Intel #20
When you’re sneaking through all the shipping containers, you’ll see a group of terrorists gathered in a small clearing talking to each other. The laptop is nearby. It’s possible to get this intel without alerting them.

Intel #21
Shortly after crawling under the line of parked trucks, you’ll see an enemy sniper up ahead on a fire escape. After killing him, climb up to the top of the fire escape and enter the room to find the intel.


Level: One Shot, One Kill

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#22 and #23)

Intel #22
After you leave the building in which you’re attacked by dogs, take a look around and find the fire escape and climb up it to find the intel at the top.

Intel #23
During the level’s climax at the Ferris wheel, some enemy helicopters will arrive and drop off some troops. During this brief respite, quickly head to the very far end of the area, where enemies were originally coming from, among the buildings. On the right hand side you should find an open door leading into a short, dead-end corridor. The intel is on the floor. This one can be a little tricky to find as the doors only open at a certain point and under certain conditions. If you’re struggling with this one, take a look at the video guide to see where it is.


Level: Sins of the Father

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#24 and #25)

Intel #24
After sniping the guards in the watchtower, enter the restaurant/diner at the far end of the area and check the tables inside to find the laptop. You cannot get this intel after the screen fades and you change into the enemy uniform, so get it quickly.

Intel #25
After Zakhaev flees down a side alley and Captain Price tells you to pursue him while the rest of the team stays behind, you should soon come across an area with a red dumpster and a green car where you can go left or right. If you head right and sneak around behind the building, you should find some stairs leading up to a room with a few terrorists inside. Enter to find the laptop on a table.

Act 3

Level: Ultimatum

Number of laptops in this level: 1 (#26)

Intel #26
After destroying the electricity pylon you’ll soon come across a series of buildings and have a skirmish with a large group of terrorists. Enter the building where most of the enemies are coming from and you should find the laptop on a table to your right.


Level: All In

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#27 and #28)

Intel #27
After entering the base and destroying the first armoured vehicle with explosives, follow the road to the right and work your way towards the silo area. Head down the alleyway to the right and you should see the laptop on the floor at the end, along with a cache of weapons.

Intel #28
In the silo area where the missiles are launching from, check the hanger on the right hand side to find this intel.


Level: No Fighting In The War Room

Number of laptops in this level: 2 (#29 and #30)

Intel #29
When you drop out of the vents and into the showers, take the left route and you should emerge in a corridor with a few terrorists in front of you. Head to the end of the corridor and check the room on the left to find the laptop on a table.

Intel #30
After you blow up the wall and enter the launch control room, head to the far end of the room and check upstairs to find the last laptop in the game.

Congratulations, you should now have every intel item in Call of Duty 4, and both of the relevant achievements if you’re playing on the 360.

Thanks for reading. I hope the guide helped! If you have any problems, click my name at the top of the guide to find my email address.

If you wish to host the guide on your site, you must first ask for my permission, and you must not alter the guide’s content in any way.

If you’re going to copy/paste chunks of this guide anywhere, at least be decent and give credit where credit is due, and link directly to this guide.

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