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Shut up about DRM already

By Shepton on September 14, 2008 in Bloge

So I decided to browse Slashdot’s Games section and all I can find lately are DRM stories about how EA got fucked because everybody pirated Spore blah blah blah.

Shut up. Does anyone care? Who the hell plays PC games anymore anyway? I swear to god everybody is just parroting all this DRM shit lately because it’s popular to hate on DRM, even though the only people who actually hate DRM are the pirates themselves.

DRM sucks shit. It really does. I pretty much always used to No-CD crack my PC games because fuck leaving the damn disc in all the time. But is there a better solution than DRM? No, because there will always be cheap, lazy sons of bitches who pirate all games regardless because they think it’s unfair that they should have to pay with their parents’ money for a product and / or service. God forbid someone should pay money for something somebody else worked hard on, right?

What will happen if publishers remove DRM entirely from their games? A small handful of pirates will practice what they preach and buy the games to stay true to their word. The vast majority however will pirate it because they can and PC gaming will remain caught in a vicious, retarded cycle. The easier a game is to pirate, the more people will pirate it. It’s that simple. People will do it because they’re cheap, lazy, hypocritical assholes.

You think DRM sucks? Consider why it’s there in the first place: To try and stop pirates. Pirates caused DRM by pirating games too much and making the developers and publishers lose out on money. They’re just trying to protect what’s theirs. There’s nothing righteous about piracy. You aren’t some holy internet warrior sticking it to the man. You’re just costing the industry money which could otherwise have been spent developing better games and causing such a fuss about DRM will only distract them from more important matters.

You want my advice? Just go buy a god damn 360. It’s basically a PC and it has pretty much all the same games these days! And it’s so easy to just get online and play. Yes, you have to pay an annual (or monthly, your choice) subscription for the good stuff, but there is a lot of good stuff and the subscription is tiny. If you’re a PC gamer you’ll have to pay far much more every year on hardware upgrades so you can play Crysis 5: Christ On A Bike Look At Those Physics: Episode 16 at max settings. With a console you also won’t ever have to worry about DRM.

PCs will always have the better hardware and graphics capabilities, but it comes at a very high price and consoles have caught up so much now that there’s really not much of a noticeable difference in visual and physics capabilities.

At the end of the day, does DRM really bother anybody that much? If you buy a game legitimately, then the DRM shouldn’t bug you. Okay, fine, it might make you leave the disc in and it may occasionally send a tiny little bit of information back to its publisher’s servers to make sure your copy is still legit. Do you notice? No. You don’t. Because you bought your copy, it probably installed without a hitch, and then it just plain worked. If it really bothers you to have your disc in the tray, just No-CD crack the game and you’re golden. Nobody will sue you for that, and nobody will ever find out that you did it, nor will they care.

I’ve rambled far too much now so I’ll summarize what I’ve said so far: DRM sucks, but fuck you all anyway. Quit your whining, stop being chumps, and get a 360. Hell, even a PS3 is better as a gaming platform than the PC these days.

P.S. I know this may contradict the stuff I mentioned in my article about the Gamer’s Bill of Rights or whatever but I just think people are starting to make too big of a mountain out of this molehill.

P.P.S. Is it just me or did Spore really fucking blow?

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