Fuck along, now.

So Uh… Howzabout Dem… Vidja Games.

By S.A. Renegade on August 27, 2008 in Blogé

Man. What is up with these coming months. Nothing interesting seems to be coming out until like december.

Gears 2 is probably the only thing I’m looking forward to, and even then it’s only because all my friends are nuts for it. Fallout 3 I will probably get, but only because it’s popular and Fallout has a good history. Not because I have any actual interest in it. And Fable 2… BWAHAHAHA. Fable 1 was the shittingest shit that ever shat. Ok no I’m exaggerating. It was only one of the shittingest shits that ever shat. The only way I’d get Fable 2 is if it got 10s all over the fucking place.

Mercenaries 2? I don’t even know what the fuck that is. Left 4 Dead sounds like it could be fun with friends, but definitely not what I would call an anticipated game. Shiyat mang. I need some good games up ins.

Now if we’re talking games I’m slightly interested in… well there’s Infinite Undiscovery and Tree of Tranquility. But only slightly. And I’m keeping my expectations highly in check with those two.

I’ve been informed that Tales of Vesperia came out yesterday. Well, I’ll consider it. But frankly Tales of the Abyss fucking underwhelmed me. In fact tales in general underwhelms me. And Vesperia just seems like omg generic tales game #47!! And same with the story. Generic boring tales drivel with stupid names that everyone in the game except you understands #47!!

I mean just look at this shit: “The people of Terca Lumireis rely on Blastia, technology created by the Geraios civilization from Core with”

My brain went into sleep mode after that.

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