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Oh Shit, This Thing Hasn’t Been Updated In Like 2 Weeks.

By S.A. Renegade on October 7, 2008 in Blogé

So, Sheppy, how’s that LBP beta shaping up? It damn well better be good, fool. The PS3 needs a good game to make it stop stinking up the place. I haven’t touched that shit since… wait, when was the last time I turned on the PS3? I don’t even fucking remember. It’s that bad. God damn doorstop.

But hey, I guess the 360 isn’t exactly getting much use either. Haven’t touched it in over a month. But at least that has games coming out for it. Hopefully Banjo Kazooie won’t be a complete let down. Surprisingly the Wii has been getting the most use lately. Granted a large part of that use was replaying Second Opinion but at least it has something worth replaying. Does the 360 have even one awesome game worth replaying? No.

But yeah. Bottom line is, fuck the Wii for not having any awesome games on the horizon. Fuck the 360 for not having any awesome games right now. Fuck the PS3 for not having any awesome games ever. Fuck this generation. It’s pretty obvious that the PS2 will never be surpassed. That shit was beautiful and had everything working in its favor. You look up the word awesome and it’ll probably have a picture of a PS2. Hell, it’s so good that it’s already considered dead and it’s STILL exclusively getting the one game I’m most excited about. I’m gonna fucking drop everything I’m doing when I get my hands on Persona 4. Yeah, I know, there’s a decent chance it’s going to suck. I still can’t help but be excited about it though.

In conclusion the PS2 rocks. Also more consoles need to come in pink.

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