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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Treasure Locations

By Climpa on October 25, 2009 in Guides

With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves having just landed in stores a week or so ago obviously the thing on everyone’s minds is “Oh man there are 100 treasures to collect in this game, how in the hell am I going to do that?”

Well worry not people of the internet, as here are a series of videos and accompanying text guides to finding all 100 Treasures in Uncharted 2, as well as the “Strange Relic” Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter for a grand total of 101 out of 100 (and all of the corresponding trophies that finding them will grant you).


  1. About Treasures
  2. Treasure locations

About Treasures

Treasures are hidden items found throughout the Uncharted series. Collecting them in Uncharted 2 serves primarily to unlock trophies, and reward you with ingame currency as a byproduct of that. They’re only visible in-game as a brief flash of light every few seconds, and as such they can be easy to miss.

Treasure Locations

Chapter 1: A Rock and a Hard Place

Number of treasures in this chapter: 5 (#1, #2. #3. #4 and #5)

Treasure #1 – Wrathful Deity Statue
In the snow behind the tree to the right of where you start after Drake climbs the hanging train.

Treasure #2 – Saraswati Statue
Behind the dead guy when you pick up your first gun.

Treasure #3 – Tibetan Snuff Bottle
After you shoot off the lock in the train car and open the door, it’s in the pocket of a hanging corpse above you. Position yourself to see it and then shoot it out.

Treasure #4 – Bhutanese Lime Box
After shooting/blowing up your first enemy and climbing up the crates in the overturned carriage afterwards, jump to the next train car and then drop straight off onto the large box beneath, moving down the screen and dropping off into the snow to grab the treasure.

Treasure #5 – Ghau Amulet Thogchag
After being knocked unconcious and seeing a flashback with Nathan and Chloe, pick yourself up and jump over to the hanging bar on the adjacent train, climbing in through a hole in the bottom. Once inside turn around and jump over the hole you just entered to the back of the train.

Chapter 2: Breaking and Entering

Number of treasures in this chapter: 10 (#6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15)

Treasure #6 – Byzantine Gold Coin
As soon as you come up through the manhole from the sewers, turn around. It’s in the corner on a box.

Treasure #7 – Glass Evil Eye
After Flynn kicks the ladder down for you and you climb up, before you’re supposed to turn off the steam to get through, turn around and angle your jump towards the catwalk behind you for this treasure.

Treasure #8 – Ottoman Ring
After sneaking past the windows and reaching the first alarmed door, turn right between the exhibits and it is shining on a mannequin dressed in armour.

Treasure #9 – Silver Amulet Box
At a point, Flynn will tell you to go left while he goes right. Stealth attack the lone guard and continue up the stairs until you reach the end of the ledge and then drop off. The treasure is in a flower pot you should be hiding behind.

Treasure #10 – Silver Belt Buckle
Shining brightly on the fountain in the middle of the courtyard you have to make your way through.

Treasure #11 – Ivory Chess Knight
After clearing the room of guards when you first receive the tranq gun and climbing up to the rafters, hang off the beams and head toward the window on the far side, you can see it shining as soon as you climb up there.

Treasure #12 – Ottoman Bracelet
When Flynn sets up a rope for you to wallrun, make the first jump and then climb down towards the small ledge running around the outside of the building (rather than up to the roof). Follow it all the way around until you can drop onto a drainage pipe, hang off that and then Nathan will somehow grab this treasure, possibly with his teeth.

Treasure #13 – Antique Pocket Watch
After tranq darting the guard while hanging, drop onto the roof and follow the next roof around, just before you’re expected to drop another time there will be a banner against a wall to your left with the treasure shining behind it. Shoot it down and then drop down to the next level and pick it up.

Treasure #14 – Antique Pipe
After Flynn betrays you turn around straight away and head towards the 3 guards behind you, the treasure is on the decorative lion head sticking out of the wall to the left of the gate.

Treasure #15 – Jeweled Bracelet
After dropping into the sewers while being chased you’ll enter a room with large pipes on either side, it’s on the left side of the room by one of the pipes – opposite the exit passage.

Chapter 3: Borneo

Number of treasures in this chapter: 4 (#16, #17, #18 and #19)

Treasure #16 – Yuan Dynasty Coin
Arm the first explosive and then jump over the log infront of you, turn left instead of climbing the rocks and the treasure is sitting in a tree infront of you next to a tropical bird.

Treasure #17 – Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal
Dispatch of the first set of soldiers you meet and then turn left towards a brightly textured log. Walk up it and grab the treasure off a barrel infront of you.

Treasure #18 – Jade Pei Pendant
Shortly after pushing down a boulder for Sully to climb up you’ll encounter several more guards. After killing them, climb up the ship wreckage as you normally would, but rather than going straight over, climb to the right and follow a passage to the top of a small waterfall where the treasure is sitting amongst some more debris.

Treasure #19 – Amber Jade Chimera
After losing your weapons and fighting the guards in the water filled hole, climb up the rope Sully drops down and then jump over to ther right instead of following the pipe. Continue around the path, swinging on the wooden poles and walking over the log that makes a bridge for you until eventually you reach a brief jump with another shipwreck on the other side.

Chapter 4: The Dig

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#20, #21 and #22)

Treasure #20 – Mongol Paiza Passport
After dropping into Lazarevic’s basecamp area there is a shipwreck directly infront of you. Take out the guards and from the shipwreck turn to face the large mast standing upright next to it, the treasure requires you to shoot it down from the top.

Treasure #21 – Jade Belt Slide
After dropping into the ruins filled with the remains of Marco Polo’s other passengers, this treasure is in the hand of a statue above the door to the left of where you come in, shoot it down.

Treasure #22 – Yuan Dynasty Helmet
When the cutscene where you find the dagger ends, turn the camera left towards a hole in the ceiling, you should see the treasure shining up there ready to be shot down.

Chapter 5: Urban Warfare

Number of treasures in this chapter: 1 (Strange Relic)

Strange Relic
Another easter egg, this treasure is actually a Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter and collecting it will help you achieve 101 out of a possible 100 treasures.
After jumping into a building and falling through the bathroom floor, climb your way back up to the roof via the assorted bookcases and whatnot as you usually would, after the helicopter flies overhead take care of the guy on the opposite roof and scale down the drainpipe. Head to the other side of the street into the wide side alley with the cycle-cab at the end and drop into the open manhole, the Precursor Orb treasure is sitting in some rubble in the sewer.

Chapter 6: Desperate Times

Number of treasures in this chapter: 6 (#23, #24, #25, #26, #27 and #28)

Treasure #23 – Brass Bird Lamp
In the area where Chloe decides she has a plan involving a grenade, climb to the top of the power line pole and it’s in the little box up there.

Treasure #24 – Silver Dress Clasp
While still hanging from the pole, shoot at the centre of the icon above the door of the temple in the middle of the area to have it drop down for you to run over and collect.

Treasure #25 – Copper Rice Measure
After climbing onto the roof to gain entrance to the hotel via the broken window, ignore the entrance and continue around to the other side of the building on the roof.

Treasure #26 – Yuan Dynasty Urn
On your way to fix the power for the elevator, just after climbing in through the window, head up several flights of stairs until you reach the top and they are broken, then turn to face the caged area in the middle and jump through the gap.

Treasure #27 – Enameled Snuff Bottle
After running through the wooden tunnel bridge between two buildings you will reach a section with a support pillar sticking out of the building to walk up, instead jump down onto the overhanging roof section and walk around the building to find the treasure hidden in an open suitcase.

Treasure #28 – Incense Burner
Just before you fight the helicopter, lower the bridge and run over to the roof where you killed your first Hammer/Grenade Launcher wielding enemy, climb to the uppermost roofed section with a watercooler on to grab this treasure.

Chapter 7: They’re Coming With Us

Number of treasures in this chapter: 4 (#29, #30, #31 and #32)

Treasure #29 – Worn Pendant
As soon as the chapter begins (probably best to dispatch of any enemies in the area first), head into the building with a hole in to your right, there’re some boxes to the left side near the building’s new door.

Treasure #30 – Nine Jewel Ring
Immediately after collecting the last treasure head over to the fountain in the centre of the area, the treasure needs to be shot out from inside the bell above it.

Treasure #31 – Ankhora Water Vessel
Jump accross your makeshit car-bridge and climb up the ladder, turn left and run to the far side of this area, past the stone lions, and jump over the wall to the small pile of rubble in the water bellow to get the treasure.

Treasure #32 – Silver Shiva Amulet
In the courtyard before entering the temple there are a blue trailer and quadbike with some orange and green crates infront of them just to your left, it’s on the trailer.

Chapter 8: The City’s Secret

Number of treasures in this chapter: 2 (#33 and #34)

Treasure #33 – Bronze Altar Spoon
From the entrance to the temple, head right before going into the main chamber, climbing the broken staircase to retrieve the treasure.

Treasure #34 – Bronze Varaha Statue
After falling into the death trap it should be just infront of you in the corpse filled water.

Chapter 9: Path of Light

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#35, #36 and #37)

Treasure #35 – Copper Lakhe Mask
Climb up the first blade of the dagger and trigger the eyebrow on the stone face above, then follow the ledge all the way around until you get to the treasure. (do this before dropping down to the next level)

Treasure #36 – Carved Jade Figurine
After opening the mouth (but before making your way down to it) turn to the left side face you just stuck Nate’s dagger into and look up the wall – shoot down the treasure and it’s all yours.

Treasure #37 – Bronze Ganesh Statue
After climbing down the ladders into the guy’s throat, follow the left wall around the room to find this treasure.

Chapter 10: Only One Way Out

Number of treasures in this chapter: 0 (none)

Chapter 11: Keep Moving

Number of treasures in this chapter: 0 (none)

Chapter 12: A Train to Catch

Number of treasures in this chapter: 5 (#38, #39, #40, #41 and #42)

Treasure #38 – Nepali Bronze Lion
After clearing out the area of guards and rearming yourself, head down the small dead end alley way on the right side from where you entered.

Treasure #39 – Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar
Climb the fire escape where Elena rearms herself and then before jumping to the next building, head up the steps to the platform above you.

Treasure #40 – Cham Lion Mask
After shooting the planks of wood off the door, and fighting several waves of soldiers while hanging onto a lamppost, jump back over the the roof with the previously locked gate to grab the treasure.

Treasure #41 – Jeweled Statue Crown
Zipline into the train yard, and then follow the trains to the left, it’s on the ground behind a small pile of dirt.

Treasure #42 – Three-Stone Coral Ring
After entering the train shed, climb up as you normally would until you are backtowards the wall where you entered. Rather than going right and releasing the carriage, climb to the left and swing over the poles to get the treasure on the extractor fan above the door.

Chapter 13: Locomotion

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#43, #44 and #45)

Treasure #43 – Miniature Bronze Stupa
After climbing onto the roof of the first train car, drop into the platform at the back to find this treasure.

Treasure #44 – Yama and Buffalo Statue
On top of the sixth train car, with the locked door and the cutscene where the soldier attacks you by jumping in through a window.

Treasure #45 – Newari Bronze Figures
Jump onto the carriage after the coal storage (before the tank) and shimmy along the sides to drop into it, it’s at the back end.

Chapter 14: Tunnel Vision

Number of treasures in this chapter: 2 (#46 and #47)

Treasure #46 – Gilded Bodhisattva Statue
After the first coal storage car in this chapter, drop down onto the ledge while shimmying along the next carriage and pop inside to get this treasure at the front of it.

Treasure #47 – Tibetan Saddle Ring
Blow the padlock off the locked passenger car and grab this treasure at the far end.

Chapter 15: Train-Wrecked

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#48, #49, and #50)

Treasure #48 – Tibetan Prayer Wheel
From your starting position in the first new area you reach (wherein you fight a large amount of enemies), follow the left wall forward until you reach this treasure.

Treasure #49 – Tibetan Knife
From the same starting position as the previous treasure, instead turn around and follow the right… lack of wall (it’s the edge of a cliff) until you find this one.

Treasure #50 – Tibetan Silver Vase
Once again from the starting position, climb onto the train car infront of you (with the grenade launcher on top) and then move up onto the second car sticking out at an angle from the one above you, turn to face the carriage to your right and shoot down the last treasure in this area.

Chapter 16: Where Am I?

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#51, #52 and #53)

Treasure #51 – Ram’s Head Thogchag
As soon as you start, it’s behind the house imediately to your right.

Treasure #52 – Bronze Buddha Statue
Take a right up the set of stairs just before the man cutting wood and the kids playing with their ball. Climb the small building to the left of the Yak and cross to the other side ignoring the trapdoor. Vault over the small wall to the right side of the roof and walk over towards two red doors on the grassy area, the treasure is on the footpath near the door on the right.

Treasure #53 – Singing Bowl
At the end of your walking tour, just after the two kids hiding behind a wall and giggling at you, head to the small grassy area left of the house you’re supposed to stop at to find this behind the wall.

Chapter 17: Mountaineering

Number of treasures in this chapter: 6 (#54, #55, #56, #57, #58 and #59)

Treasure #54 – Tibetan Ritual Blade
After climbing the first ladder down, turn around and it’s right behind you on the right hand side near the edge of the small pit.

Treasure #55 – Clay Diety Head
When you’re about to swing over on a rope for the second time (just after a cutscene showing you a wolf), stop Nate from swinging and then turn to the right and swing towards that ledge instead.

Treasure #56 – Bronze Chenrezig Statue
Shortly after Tenzen gives you a boost and you shimmy along an icey cliff you will reach a small camp and some ropes lodged into the wall with an ice pick; ignore them and follow the ledge to the left before climbing up to find this treasure.

Treasure #57 – Skull Cap Drum
After a section of the ceiling falls and blocks your path, follow the stream to the small waterfall at the end, then follow the ledge to the right around until you find the treasure.

Treasure #58 – Silver Needle Case
Scale the wall after the ceiling collapse from the previous treasure and then before jumping into the hole this one is to the left ot the section you land on when jumping across.

Treasure #59 – Bronze Stupa Ornament
After fighting the boss and climbing the ladder with Tenzen’s help you will come across a dead nazi with another gun, rather than climb right, follow the cliff to the left and jump to the small platform to find this treasure.

Chapter 18: Heart of Ice

Number of treasures in this chapter: 6 (#60, #61, #62, #63, #64, #65)

Treasure #60 – Mandala Thogchag
While riding around the third of the spinning cylinders, wait until you’re almost facing Tenzen’s cylinders and grab it from one of the hanging beams supposed to knock you off.

Treasure #61 – Dipa Oil Lamp
When swinging off the rope in the cog room, it is on the broken section of wall just to the right of the platform you’re meant to land on.

Treasure #62 – Tibetan Flint Lighter
Just after swinging on the rope and having the floor give way, ride the cog infront of you all the way around to grab this one.

Treasure #63 – Bronze Dorje
After the cylinders smash through the arm bridge you’ll climb over some cogs and pulleys. Eventually you’ll reach a section with 3 cogs side by side to make your way up, ride the first one all the way up and instead of climbing to the second – climb into the beams then follow them to the right to make your way to the treaasure.

Treasure #64 – Tibetan Ceremonial Axe
Climb to the top of the 3 cogs from the previous treasure and then swing and jump over to the next ledge, the treasure needs to be shot out of a stone face to your right.

Treasure #65 – Trigram Thogchag
After raising the platforms from the water and jumping over to the giant statue, this treasure needs to be shot off its forehead waaaay up there.

Chapter 19: Siege

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#66, #67 and #68)

Treasure #66 – Amber Skull Bead
After your first skirmish in town (with the mounted machine gun placement) head to the right side after you pass through the small archway made out of a few planks of wood on a wall. Climb the building and it’s to the right of the pile of hay on the roof.

Treasure #67 – Antique Ghau
After you climb out of the building through the ladder and Tenzen closes the trapdoor, drop down onto the ground infront of you and hug the left wall, it’s in the corner just past the little stone monument.

Treasure #68 – Bell Thogchag
Once again after climbing through the trapdoor, in this area there are some blue-roofed wooden huts on top of the buildings, the treasure is in the one with the red walls.

Chapter 20: Cat and Mouse

Number of treasures in this chapter: 4 (#69, #70, #71 and #72)

Treasure #69 – Yak Horn Carving
After running from the tank for the first time, and jumping out of the window of a building, you will follow a path around the edge of a cliff briefly. When you come to the section with walls infront of you where you fight several enemies, it’s on the right hand side in the corner.

Treasure #70 – Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue
Just after the tank bursts through a wal,l and almost runs you over, you’ll run along a path on the cliff side with a few enemies; there’s a small alleyway to your left near the start of it with the treasure in.

Treasure #71 – Tibetan Trumpet
After shimmying over the edge of the cliff and the tank breaks through above you there is a small dip between a series of roofs with a red door on the left, the treasure is on the ground here.

Treasure #72 – Gilt Tara Statue
From the roof with the second rocket launcher on (the one with the blue open trapdoor) climb to the next building and then jump to the one after that and drop into the hole – the treasure is on the platform with you.

Chapter 21: Convoy

Number of treasures in this chapter: 0 (none)

Chapter 22: The Monastery

Number of treasures in this chapter: 8 (#73, #74, #75, #76, #77, #78, #79 and #80)

Treasure #73 – Tibetan Silver Earring
From the start of the level, it’s in the centre of the top of the gate to your left wnen you climb up.

Treasure #74 – Ritual Crown
After crossing what’s left of the bridge and entering the monastery, hang off the cliff edge to the right and climb down to the wooden pole sticking out to grab the treasure on the end of it.

Treasure #75 – Silver Official Seal
After using the machine gun emplacement, turn to your right (facing the water fall) and move through the gaps in the wall, climbing along the red wooden parts on the other side until you reach the increadibly phallic treasure above you and to the right.

Treasure #76 – Silver Offering Pot
After the brief cutscene where Shafer is being escorted over a bridge above you, you will have to jump over a gap with the river beneath you, rather than climb straight up and continue up the stairs, drop over the right side onto a red plank of wood and shimmy into the gap to get this treasure.

Treasure #77 – Tibetan Turquoise Ring
While attempting to open the locked foor for Elena you will reach a point, shortly after jumping above the door frame, where you climb around a corner. Instead of climbing straight up, drop onto the ground beneath you with the greenish-yellow roof. The treasure can be shot down off the support beam on the underside of the roof.

Treasure #78 – Carved Wood Ghurra
When crossing the bridge you just fought waves of enemies on, after the door (and wall) gets blown off for Elena, jump off to the climbable wall on the right side of the building as you approach it (or exit from inside the second building via that large hole) and climb down to grab the treasure between the support struts of the bridge.

Treasure #79 – Bronze Tiger Bell
From the entrance to the afformentioned second building (the one where you’re under fire from snipers), take a left and jump to the small bridge section sticking out on the other side. Once you’re across, folow the path around and down to the end and shoot the treasure down from above you. It’s quite a difficulty, and seemingly impossible, jump to make.

Treasure #80 – Antique Bronze Lion
After Elena accidentally destroys the ladder and pushes a box down to you you will climb into a building with her through a window, take out the guys in this room and go through the arch at the end. Climb up ontop of the archway using the cupboard to the side and then shoot the treasure down from above the barred window behind you.

Chapter 23: Reunion

Number of treasures in this chapter: 9 (#81, #82, #83, #84, #85, #86, #87, #88 and #89)

Treasure #81 – Tibetan Ritual Vase
After the cutscene with Shafer, jump to the rope in the middle of the room and swing to the pillar in front of you on the left to grab this treasure.

Treasure #82 – Tibetan Conch Horn
In the area with the tree at one end where the enemies are under attack, take them all out and then run up the stairs at the far end as you’re meant to. Turn to your left and move to the edge of the elevated area, facing the tree, then jump to the platform on your left. The treasure is in a snowback in the corner of this roof.

Treasure #83 – Bronze Oil Lamp
In the area with the two minigun wielding enemies take everyone out, then from the entrance climb up the green ladders to the upper level on the right. Move infront of the first pillar you reach just infront of where there is no floor and aim at the top of it to shoot the treasure down at your feet.

Treasure #84 – Ancient Sword Guard
Climb into the window as you usually would and shoot down the treasure in the middle of the ceiling.

Treasure #85 – Tibetan Coral Earring
After Nathan pauses whilst hanging and tells himself to stay quiet, while a small army assembles on the ground below him, you will reach a roofed section. Drop to the one below it and and shoot the treasure down from the underside of the upper roof on the left side.

Treasure #86 – Tibetan Ritual Ghau
Just after the last treasure you will swing over some poles and into a window, before scaling some cupboards to get onto the roof of the building. Hang off the right side and climb down over the statue in the wall to grab the treasure.

Treasure #87 – Carved Bone Ornament
After solving the puzzle in the tower, and ziplining into the next building, jump over the gap and head up the stairs. Jump over the gap to get to the second section of the stairs and then turn around to shoot the treasure down from the light fixture.

Treasure #88 – Tibetan Hair Ornament
From the secret entrance (where Elena is standing once you finish this fire fight) turn left to look at a headless statue, shoot down the treasure then climb up around the back of the statue to get it.

Treasure #89 – Tibetan Mala Beads
After opening the entrance to Shambala and ziplining down into the next area, climb the ladder down to the bottom area and follow the wall opposite into the corner to grab this treasure.

Chapter 24: The Road to Shambhala

Number of treasures in this chapter: 3 (#90, #91 and #92)

Treasure #90 – Bronze Garuda
As soon as you enter the first chamber to start this chapter it’s shining on the forehead of a face on the wall to your upper right. Shoot it down.

Treasure #91 – Toad Censar
After being teamed up with Flynn make your first jump. It’s to the left of where you land.

Treasure #92 – Eight Emblems Pendant
Once you reach the other side of this area, it’s on the far left on the platform past the stairs.

Chapter 25: Broken Paradise

Number of treasures in this chapter: 8 (#93, #94, #95, #96, #97, #98, #99 and #100)

Treasure #93 – Phurba Thogchag
After your first encounter with the blue enemies, climb onto the upper level at the back and the treasure is in the eye of the snake tongued elephant sticking out of the chest of a statue.

Treasure #94 – Clay Yamantaka Head
Blow up your first blue-sap covered set of vines and as you climb the stairs behind it you can see the treasure shining infront of you near the ceiling. Shoot it down.

Treasure #95 – Gold-life Statue Head
When you reach the area with the gate that Nathan acts as the counterweight for this treasure can be found if you drop the the lower level on the cliff side (from the right of the entrance to the area) and walk around slightly.

Treasure #96 – Fibula Thogchag
When it starts raining and you’re in the aqueducts, this treasure is in the support struts of the ceiling on the upper level about two thirds of the way down. It’s on the left.

Treasure #97 – Unusual Bronze Mask
In the next area, push the cart and climb to the upper level. Follow the walkway to the right rather than going straight forward, and run over to the vines above the entrance.

Treasure #98 – Mani Jewel Thogchag
In the large circularish room with the free far all fight of Drake’s party, Lazarevic’s men and the blue guys; head over to the top of the stairs at the opposite side from where you entered and shoot the treasure from the hand of a statue surrounding the fire in the centre.

Treasure #99 – Wooden Vajrapani Mask
After exiting the previous room ascend the first flight of stairs. The treasure is on the ceiling to the right of you, flashing as you climb.

Treasure #100 – Bronze Statue Head
After the previous treasure, climb the next 3 flights of stairs, this one is behind a piece of fallen rubble before heading up the 4th and final set.

Chapter 26: Tree of Life

Number of treasures in this chapter: 0 (none)

Congratulations, you should now have all 101 treasures in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, as well as all the medals and trophies that are unlocked as a result.

Thanks for reading. I hope the guide helped! If you have any problems, click my name at the top of the guide to find my email address.

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