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Castle Crashers: Animal Orb Guide

By Climpa on August 31, 2008 in Guides

How to find and collect all 26 Animal Orbs in Castle Crashers – and unlock the Animal Handler achievement as a result.

To find Chicken, you’ll need the shovel. Go to the Flooded Temple, and when you see the two large statues of a snake and a fish in the far background, you should see an X on the floor.

The Chicken gives you additional strength, agility and defense.

To find Cardinal, go to the Industrial Castle. After riding the elevator up, you’ll come across a large enemy who has the Cardinal. Kill him, and it’s yours.

Cardinal will help you discover hidden items such as the Boomerang in the Thieves’ Forest, the Key sword in Full Moon, and so on.

To find Owlet, go to the Forest Entrance. At the end of the level, you’ll see musical notes rising from behind a bush. Walk behind the bush to find owlet.

The Owlet brings you fruit from nearby trees.

Mr Buddy
To find Mr Buddy, return to the Home Castle and go to the room you start in. You can dig him up from a patch of hay near the nurse.

Mr Buddy helps you dig treasure up faster.

Giraffey is in the Desert. You can dig him up from one of the X marks towards the end of the level.

Giraffey increases the amount of EXP you get.

You can find Snoot in the Cyclops’ Fortress. You’ll need to bring some bombs to blow up a cracked wall to get to him.

Snoot increases your strength.

Purchase Piggy at the Swamp Village Store for 585 gold.

Piggy increases the amount of health you get from food.

You’ll see Zebra in the Desert Chase level. To get him, you’ll need to chase the soldier on your camel and avoid the quicksand. when you catch up to him, kill him to get a hold of Zebra.

Zebra helps you find food in grass.

You’ll need the horn in order to get Hawster. In the Tall Grass Field level you’ll see a hut with a horn sign outside. Use the horn to call Hawkster out.

Hawkster attacks fallen enemies and brings you fruit from enemies that you’ve killed.

Shortly after the Hawster hut, you’ll see Rammy. Kill the boss and Rammy is yours.

Rammy knocks enemies over.

Burly Bear
To get Burly Bear you’ll need bombs and a sandwich. In the Tall Grass Field level, before you climb the grassy rocks, use a sandwich to pull a boulder out of your way and enter a small cave. Bomb the cracked wall, an you’ll find Burly Bear inside.

Burly Bear increases your strength.

Bitey bat
Defeat the boss in Pipistrello’s Cave and he’ll turn into Bitey bat.

Bitey Bat latches onto enemies’ heads and damages them.

The Seahorse is beside the river in the Thieves’ Forest level.

The Seahorse lets you move faster through water.

Shortly after the Seahorse in the Thieves’ Forest level, you’ll see the Troll behind a wall. Bomb it.

The Troll gradually recovers your health.

Froglet can be found in the Marsh level. At the end of the first graveyard you come across, dig in front of the open tomb.

Froglet grabs items from long range with his tongue.

Snailburt can be found near the end of the Marsh level. You can’t miss him.

Snailburt increases your defense but decreases your agility.

To find Scratchpaw, go to the Sand Castle Interior and you’ll see him outside a window. Bomb the wall to the left side of the room to get to him.

Scratchpaw increases your strength and agility.

The Yeti is near the end of the Snow World level, just before you go up the slope. He’s behind a small house.

The Yeti prevents you from being frozen.

Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear can be found right after the Yeti. Go up the slope and use the horn next to the horn sign.

Bipolar Bear attacks enemies that are near death, or weak enemies that can be killed in one hit (such as the scorpions in the desert). He also attacks friends who are low on health.

Purchase Pazzo at the Snow Store for 750 gold.

Pazzo helps you find buried treasure.

Monkeyface can be purchased at the Church Store for 750 gold.

Monkeyface increases your luck finding items.

Go to the Cyclops’ Cave level and then exit back to the left and you’ll find Meowburt.

Meowburt increases your agility.

Install Ball
The Install Ball can be found in the Alien Ship after the one minute countdown timer begins. Simply go up after passing the first set of green laser barriers, and into the door.

The Install Ball shoots enemies with photons.

Sherbert the ceiling cat can be found in the animal ark, above the locked door. Either use a magic jump to reach him, or do combo attacks on the locked door until you get high enough. You could also use a sandwich and use the whirlwind combo.

Sherbert helps you jump higher.

The Beholder
The Beholder is behind the locked door in the ark. To open the door you’ll need the Key Sword, which can be found by using Cardinal in the Full Moon level. The sword is hidden in a small wooden hut after you climb a ladder.

The Beholder boosts your magic.

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