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So Adventure Game Studio is now on Android (and PSP)

By Climpa on November 5, 2011 in Climpa's game

Yep, that’s a thing that happened.

It’s pretty interesting, really. One of many excuses I’ve made up for myself over the years, for not being particularly interested in adventure game projects in the long run, was a lack of iPhone/Android support but I guess that’s not as big a deal anymore. In fact if anything it just makes me more excited to get to work on something, thankfully the weekend is here so hopefully I can make a decent start.

I’d like to say that the new platform possibilities will give me reason to reflect on some design choices, but for the most part these types of games end up being low enough resolution not to matter – and I don’t have a keen enough grasp of more complex scripting options to risk breaking things that way.

This has been a short and almost pointless update, I know, but seeing as this is largely new information it seemed worth sharing. Additionally, because AGS on Android is basically a frontend/launcher, it should be able to play previous games too with relative ease.

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