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Are you there internet? It’s me, Climpa

By Climpa on December 2, 2011 in Climpa's game

So yeah, it’s been 3 weeks since I last made a post. Oops.

So for fear of being called out in a glorious “I told you so” I figured what better time to post an update of sorts than 5am on a work night when I can’t sleep?

It turns out I’ve been going about this entire process all wrong. Or rather, I have been going about it wrong by trying to go about it correctly.  This is the kind of thing I’ve looked into before, and most of the advice has always been along the lines of; write out all of your dialogue/scripts beforehand, predraw all of your backgrounds before you start, etc but the more I try to do that the more I find myself drowning in empty recyle bins and sheets of thrown away paper. And those aren’t even liquid things, one of them isn’t even a tangiable real thing, because if you could drown in computer data that would be terrifying.

But to get back on point, long story short, I’m finding that all of these correct methods of game design are just not really working. I’ve accomplished more in the past in shorter spaces of time by just sort of winging it and making it up as I go along, so I guess I’m going to get back to doing that. Ultimately though, as I pointed out to Shepton recently, it turns out finding worthwile things to post about a game you’re making is pretty damn hard work in itself. I don’t think people really want me to make a post that is essentially “Welp I did some scripting today, here’s a bunch of screen prints of scripting that will make no sense ouf ot context and will be boring even in context.”

I suppose this is essentially just another waste of a post for me to ramble on, about how I am totally definately going to make this you guys, but whatever. On the plus side I have definately settled on a theme at last. The most difficult task known to all man kind. A feat so monumentally inconceivably difficult that even I have problems grasping it. I’m going to make a game about writing a review.

So hopefully you’ll see me in less than 3 weeks next time.

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