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Little Big Planet; Or Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

By Climpa on October 21, 2008 in Bloge

So it’s pretty old news by now that Little Big Planet has been delayed. You may have noticed this as you sit here the day after “release” and still haven’t been able to pick it up.

To throw some context out to anyone who hasn’t already been informed; Little Big Planet has faced global recalls because, during the reviews process, it was found that one of the pieces of background music uses some lines from the Qu’ran, and that this is offensive to some people. As a result, your new release dates are October 27th for the US and November 7th for Europe.

Yes, a video game was recalled to remove material that may be offensive to some people. Yes, it does indeed suck. Yes, it is completely hypocritical. As a result, I have taken it upon myself to personally create:

The Illustrated Guide to Potentially Offensive Material in Video Games

Anything within this guide is clearly not suitable for the masses, and should be recalled and edited appropriately post haste:

Blood & Violence






The Church of England

The Theory of Evolution

Sonic the Hedgehog (And Friends)

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