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S.A. Renegade

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Favorite genres: JRPG, Action
Least favorite genres: Sports, Racing, MMOs

Bio: After years of oppression at the hands of nazi high school English teachers forcing their rigid compositional structures known as the three paragraph essay, clear thesis statement, rough drafts, cohesion, and always staying on topic, S.A. Renegade has vowed to become a literary renegade. Specializing in reviews and eschewing the established rules of composition, his rambling, informal, heavily disjointed essays give even Mein Kampf a run for its money. However, it has been speculated that this self-righteous rebellious attitude towards composition is simply a front to hide the fact that he is one lazy ass motherfucker.

Antithetical to the average Spanish gamer, exemplified by traits such as his perfect grasp of the English language, disdain for football, socially challenged tendencies, and gross knowledge of American culture compared to his feeble knowledge of Spanish culture, Renegade’s oftentimes offensive and narrow-minded reviews display an unwillingness to give credit to games that do not serve his personal, relatively niche needs as a gamer. This includes condemning games that are developed and marketed towards a different audience. He is also accused of excessively referencing, among others.

Quote: “Every time I look at myself, I can’t believe how awesome I am.”

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