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Review scale

Our review scale is based on the standard school letter grading system, because we feel the 7-10 scale is fucking stupid and this gets across a much more accurate and meaningful explanation of how good or bad a game is.

S - How can- I don't even-

You will pretty much never see us give this grade to any game. It means it is essentially perfect and has no flaws, while being exceptionally well-designed, well made, and fun to play.

A - Awesome game

This is an awesome game with very few flaws. Not quite perfect, but pretty damn close. It probably has a couple of minor flaws, or just isn’t quite substantial enough to deserve the S grade.

B - Good game

This is a solid game, and most likely worth your time and money. Maybe it could have been longer or done a couple of things better, but it’s still pretty good.

C - Meh

Meh. This game is run of the mill. Take it or leave it. It doesn’t do anything particularly bad, but it doesn’t do anything particularly good either. It was most likely rushed out like most of the garbage video games these days.

D - Bad game

This just isn’t a good game. Maybe it has a good idea or two, but piss-poor planning ruins it. Maybe it wasn’t very well thought out. Maybe it just plain sucks. But at least it doesn’t actively go out of its way to shit on you.

F - See me after class

Alright, look. Fuck you. That is what this F stands for. Why would you make a game that sucks this fucking much? Now, we can be pretty harsh at times here at Scathing Accuracy, especially Shepton, but if we give a game an F it’s for a damn good reason. It has no redeeming features, isn’t fun, and is probably riddled with problems and has awful controls, gameplay, or is just another god damn clone of a game that was shitty to begin with. It is likely that games that receive an F grade were made by Peter Molyneux.