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The dumping ground. If we feel the need to talk shit, but it isn't a review, it'll end up here.

A few days ago, Renegade and I had a little chat about those annoying ™ symbols that so often appear on your console's dashboard, or on the game's main menu, and on every single instance of the game's name in its manual. We figured it seemed like a good thing to subject you all to.

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I've never been a fan of Nintendo's abomination, mainly because I'm not 4 years old and I'm not a stereotype - at least, I'm not one of the stereotypes Nintendo targeted. Add a comment

So, I started playing Dead Space, and it wasn't a bad game. However, it just didn't compel me to keep playing it. I barely managed to play it for a couple of hours, and I was just kinda bored. Add a comment

A simplified version of Worms for iPhone.

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Decent third person take on the battlefield franchise. Add a comment