Just a momentary diversion on the road to the grave.

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This is a guide on getting Pure Platinum Award in every chapter on Nonstop ∞ Climax difficulty in Bayonetta.



Table of Contents
General Tips
Prologue: Vestibule
Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis
Chapter II: Vigrid, City Of Deja Vu
Chapter III: The Burning Ground
Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtue Of Fortitude
Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds
Chapter VI: The Gates Of Paradise
Chapter VII: The Cardinal Virtue Of Temperance
Chapter VIII: Route 666
Chapter IX: Paradiso-A Remembrance Of Time
Chapter X: Paradiso-A Sea Of Stars
Chapter XI: The Cardinal Virtue Of Justice
Chapter XII: The Broken Sky
Chapter XIII: The Cardinal Virtue Of Prudence
Chapter XIV: Isla Del Sol
Chapter XV: A Tower To Truth
Chapter XVI: The Lumen Sage
Epilogue: Requiem