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Special Bonus

-No mistakes - 1000
-Completed with 240 left - 300
-10 COOLs earned - 700

This one is pretty standard as far as operations go but it's actually the hardest one so far. The reason being that you can get all the special bonuses and still only get S rank. To get the XS you need to score above 6000 points. To do this you will need to get as many COOLs as you can. You don't actually need to get a COOL on everything you do, but make sure you get the COOLs for the final suture and the bandage, as those are the most important ones.

So let's get this started. First of all, hit skip so you can go directly into using the defibrillator. Try to get the patient revived in as few uses as possible, but don't worry too much about it as time isn't all that important here. What is important is getting COOLs, so don't rush too much. Take things slow and steady and make sure you do it right. The lacerations are pretty much free COOLs, and so is the lobectomy. Once you're inside it's time to extract some glass shards after telling Angie to shut the fuck up. Try your best to get COOLs in as many of these as possible, but don't worry if you get GOODs in a few. My recommendation for the extraction of these shards is first of all, to take it slow. Second of all, rather than watching the glass shard, instead focus on the remote's cursor. Make sure that when extracting, the cursor moves in as straight a line as possible perpendicular to the wound the glass is being extracted from. Remember, what needs to move in a straight line is the cursor and not necessarily the glass shard. I find that this is the best way to get COOLs here.

After you've dealt with the glass, the patient will undergo cardiac arrest a second time and you'll have to use the defibrillator again. Again, don't worry too much about this. Still, try to have both your hands close to your body before the patient flatlines, that way when you thrust them forward the sensor bar will more easily register the motion.

After that's done the mother of all shards will appear. Just extract it as usual and suture the wound. It's easy. Once that's done there'll be a slight lull and Derek will activate the Healing Touch automatically. There's nothing special to do here. Just suture the wound that appears. It's a long one so do lots of quick and wide passes.

Now when it's time to finish up, I recommend taking it slow. Like I said before, the final suture and bandage are critical in pushing you over 6000 points. The suture isn't very hard to get right as it's pretty lenient, but the bandage can be easily botched if you're rushing. Unless you're some kind of legendary surgeon, I would recommend waiting until the gel has disappeared to apply the bandage, otherwise it blocks your view and could mean missing the COOL.