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Special Bonus

-No mistakes - 1000
-Vitals stayed above 25 - 500
-Completed with 210 left - 300
-3 COOLs earned - 200

When you go inside the patient you'll see a truckload of inflammations. These are going to constantly be draining his vitals so let's take care of them first. First of all, remember to be fast but also to be very careful. If you inject the anti-inflammatory into a part of the patient that isn't an inflammation, you will get a miss and forfeit the entire operation. That being said, don't worry too much because you've just started. If you have to restart it's not as big of a deal as if you were doing this at the end of an operation. Remember that a full syringe will have enough to treat 4 small inflammations and 2 big ones. Use this to plan ahead and save yourself a few seconds if you wish.

You'll want to keep watch on the patients vitals with your peripheral vision as you work on the inflammations. You do not want vitals to drop below 25, or you won't get the XS. Therefore, when you notice vitals begin to change to a reddish hue, stop for a bit to inject stabilizer and bring him back up to 80 (which is the max). This should only happen once about halfway through treating the inflammations, and a second time after they're all gone.

Once you've pumped him back up to 80, it's time to start looking for the tumors. You don't necessarily have to get COOLs for these, but it helps, so try to memorize the locations of the tumors (either through practice or looking at the video) and make cuts with the scalpel where you think they are. It doesn't matter if it takes several tries. The tumors in this operation are smaller than the ones in 1.3 and thus easier, so it's not too hard to drain all 4 of them one right after the other and use the scalpel in time before the 4th's cytoplasm reappears. Make sure to raise vitals to about 55-60 after you've used the scalpel and before you extract them with the forceps.

After they're all treated, there's a lull of about 5 seconds where nothing's happening but you can still use your tools, so use this opportunity to raise the patient's vitals to max, then switch to the ultrasound before the lull is over. Once it is, Angie will force you waste time and check around with it. Just press the button as fast as you can and use the ultrasound around the patient. Doesn't really matter where you use it as there's nothing to find. After some seconds of indulging her, it'll be time to close up the patient. The final suture in this one is very lenient so you can afford to be fast/careless and still get a COOL, and if you got COOLs from the tumors you also don't have to worry about getting one on the bandage.