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Special Bonus

-No mistakes - 1000
-Fewer than 6 blood pools - 500
-Completed with 210 left - 300
-3 COOLs earned - 200

Get inside the patient. Remember not to hit the skip button until the moment when the screen is actually transitioning after you've made the incision. Keep the control stick firmly on down-left position so you can magnify the polyps immediately. Remember to magnify with the A button. The B button will not work. After that, quickly change to the drain and drain the blood pool, then switch to the laser and start burning them. If you notice, the laser has a bit of an area of effect, so if you can position it correctly between polyps that are in a cluster, you can burn off several at a time instead of one by one. This helps to make things a bit faster.

After the first few burned polyps, another blood pool will automatically form. This is the only time that one should form after you've drained the inital pool. Drain it and continue using the laser. Try to only keep the laser activated just enough to burn the polyps so you don't cause any additional damage and don't keep the button pressed too much when you're going from cluster to cluster. Don't worry too much though because it's actually not that easy to cause additional damage or blood pools. Wait until all of the polyps have been burned to apply the antibiotic gel. Otherwise it takes too much time.

Now after you're done with those initial polyps, a second wave will appear at the bottom. What is going to happen here is that after you treat a group of polyps, another group will appear, then another, and another, and so on. The waves will always alternate between the top of the pharynx and the bottom, so what you want to do is right after you've applied the gel, very quickly change to the magnification tool, demagnify, and then magnify on the general area where the next wave will appear. You want to do this quickly enough so that it's before they actually appear. That way you're ready to drain that initial blood pool immediately. Keep doing this procedure a few times, and that'll be it

Now it's time to finish up, but here you'll want to be a bit careful. The problem is that you absolutely MUST get COOLs on the final suture and the bandage. Otherwise you will not get the XS. If you've done everything correctly up to now, you should have plenty of time, so be careful and don't rush. Try to make the suture lines much wider than the actual opening like I do in the video. Be slow when applying the bandage because the pharynx is a bit small and awkward for this. Don't worry so much about the time. Just take your time and make sure you place is correctly.