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Special Bonus

-No mistakes - 1000
-Completed with 240 left - 300
-3 COOLs earned - 700

Now it starts to get a tiny bit harder but we're still in the drop dead easy phase here. You can use all of your tools here from the getgo so when the operation starts keep the control stick firmly on the up position so you can gel the incision area as soon as you can. Don't worry about hitting the skip button at this point since it'll just reset. Wait until after you've made the incision and hit the skip button while you're going inside the patient. I didn't do that in the video 'cause I suck and forgot, but just because I suck doesn't mean you have to!

Anyway, once you're inside, there'll be a couple inflammations to take care of. These tend to be a pain but since they're only two and the operation just started, you can afford to be fast with those injections. Now after that's done, it's time to treat the tumors. To get COOLs when you're extracting the tumors you need to find them without the help of the ultrasound like in the video. However this isn't actually necessary for the XS in this operation, so if you'd like to use the ultrasound, go ahead. Once you've cut them with the scalpel, you'll want to drain two or three of them right after the other, and use the scalpel to excise them. Don't use the forceps to remove them until all of them are ready so you can remove all three and place the membranes in all of them without having to switch tools. Otherwise it takes too much time. If you check the video, you'll see that I drained all 3 tumors before using the scalpel. This is good, but the time limit is a bit strict for that, and it's easy for the third tumor to build cytoplasm again before you get a chance to excise it. This will cause you to forfeit the COOL for that particular tumor. To avoid this, you can just drain 2 of the tumors and excise them, and then drain the third one afterwards. This is easier to do and works just as well. However, if you still want to do all 3 at once, I would recommend to use relatively slow and calculated motions with the scalpel rather than moving it quickly. The lines are in a bit of a funky formation, and swift motions seem to miss dots frequently. Check the vid to see just how slow. Once the tumors are done with it's pretty much smooth sailing, but make absolutely sure that you use the syringe to raise vitals to 99 before you finish up.