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Special Bonus

-No Healing Touch - 100
-Completed with 90 left - 800
-No mistakes - 900
-Max chain over 50 - 200

The only difference between Derek's and Naomi's Paraskevi is that the positions of the lacerations at the start are slightly altered. Doesn't really matter. Other than that it's the same.

Now this is more like it! Paraskevi is actually mildly hard. The tricky part about this operation is that the patient's vitals cap at 50, and cutting Paraskevi depletes almost all of it. Therefore you have to raise vitals back up to max after cut. Not only that, but extreme Paraskevi is actually bigger than normal so it's gonna take longer to kill it. Plus, it happens to be much more burrow-happy so you have to laser it constantly. These three things make it so that finishing before the time limit is up can be challenging.

The key to finishing this operation quickly is to realize that there is no penalty for letting Paraskevi burrow and move on to another organ (as long as it doesn't burrow into the heart). You don't have to laser all of the bodies you see. You CAN kill them all in the first organ and still get the XS if you're good, but it tends to be easier to let some of the bodies run away so that you lose less time lasering constantly. Generally speaking the ones you should let run away are the bigger ones.

When you get inside the patient you'll find 3 small lacerations. Suture them before doing anything else, then raise vitals up to 50 before Paraskevi appears.

You'll be treating it more or less as you always have:

Laser the tail to paralyze the Paraskevi. Once it's paralyzed, you'll have to switch to the scalpel and slash its midsection to start killing it. Remember to slash along the MIDDLE. Any other part won't work. Once you do, it will turn into two bodies and create two lacerations. Suture these quickly. Vitals will now be critical, so you'll have to raise them back up to 50. You will have to do this each and every single time you slash a body. Now here, it's probably a good idea to let one of those two bodies burrow so that you have one less thing to worry about and can do everything faster. The time limit of 1:30 is a bit strict.

In any case, scalpel one of the 2 bodies now moving around. What you're going to do from here on out is concentrate on slashing ONLY the smallest body currently present. You will do this so you can reduce the number of Paraskevi while keeping the number you have to worry about at one time down to the most manageable level. Therefore, other than periodically paralyzing them with the laser, you will ignore the larger bodies and only slash the smallest ones. You should keep working the same way as you go on, paralyze, slash, paralyze all, suture, paralyze again, slash etc. However, once you slash a body down to the smallest size, that is, to only a tail and head, what you'll want to do is, instead of suturing the lacerations after paralzing everything, ignore them for a bit, and instead, pick up the two smallest bodies comprised of only the head and tail as soon as you paralyze them.

Well. That's not really a hard and fast rule here. Truth is the vitals are dangerously low right after slashing a body, and the lacerations have the potential to bring it down to 0. Use your judgement. For example, if you can't pick up the 2 tiny bodies quickly and see vitals in the single digits, it's probably a better idea to suture them/inject stabilizer before picking them up rather than risk dying.

Always slash a single Paraskevi body. If you paralyze two near each other, it's probably better to let them get some distance from each other. If you accidentally get two at the same time, it will definitely kill the patient. So take it easy and just deal with them one at a time, raising vitals to max before every slash.

Sometimes there may be too many Paraskevis moving around to paralyze all of them. This is when their signals come in handy. You can actually choose to let a body roam around as long as its tail isn't vibrating. However, the ones whose tails ARE vibrating should be lasered as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, if you're good at watching for those signals, it could be in your best interest to only paralyze bodies when absolutely necessary. This can certainly help to make things go faster for you.Finally, be careful when picking up the smallest bodies. Firstly, make sure they're paralyzed, and secondly, make sure that they aren't near another body, because then you could accidentally pick up the wrong one and get a miss. If you paralyze a tiny Paraskevi and a larger one near each other, it might be best to let the paralysis wear off so they can get some distance from each other.

When you're done with an organ, remember to suture everything quickly and wait until you're at the next organ before raising vitals. Paraskevi take a while to appear after the transition from one organ to the next and if you already maxed out vitals you'd be stuck doing nothing but waiting, which isn't good considering how strict the time limit is. I recommend only letting it move one organ.

When you're done there's a chance that you might be cutting it really close on the clock. Ideally you should be finished with over 1:40 so that you can raise vitals to max before finishing up, but if you have less than that, just make sure you finish before it's below 1:30. You MIGHT not get the XS because those few points do make a difference, but at least there's a chance. Whereas if you miss the time special bonus there is no chance of getting the XS. If something like the patient's vitals makes such a difference then it follows that getting COOLs also makes quite a difference. At this stage you should be pretty good at suturing, so it's not much of a problem.