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Special Bonus

-No Healing Touch - 100
-Completed with 90 left - 600
-No mistakes - 900
-Max chain over 60 - 400

The operations with Naomi are pretty much identical to the ones with Derek. The only difference in this Kyriaki one is that the placement of the lacerations at the start is slightly altered. Doesn't really matter though. I did them both because I felt like it. So there.

Kyriaki isn't a very hard operation. The key thing to remember here is that you want to stall for as long as possible (i.e: until just before the clock goes below 1:30) while racking up as many points as you can.

Get inside the patient. You'll be greeted by 3 normal lacerations and 4 huge ones. First suture the small ones as fast as you can. Then move on to the big ones. You know how to deal with them by now. Drain the blood, bring both ends together with the forceps, and suture. Remember to make many, many passes along the entire length of the laceration to get the COOLs. Look at the video to see what I'm talking about. You can get away with some GOODs throughout the operation but make sure you get as many COOLs as possible just to be on the safe side. In any case, you should be able to treat all of the wounds without having to raise vitals in between. When you've sutured the last laceration, quickly switch to your syringe and inject stabilizer while you wait for the Kyriaki to spawn. They won't take long. Probably less than a second. But you can get one injection in if you're fast enough.

3 Kyriaki will spawn, causing 3 lacerations. Suture them. Now, remember that we do not want to kill them too fast. We want to stall but at the same time be doing something. That something will be 1) injecting stabilizer and 2) suturing lacerations. After you've sutured those first 3 start by raising vitals a bit. If lacerations get formed as you're doing this, go ahead and suture them as they come, then go back to the syringe. Once vitals are over 60, we're going to bring out the Kyriaki to the surface. If you'd like to stay on the safe side, go ahead and raise vitals even higher than that.

Spam the ultrasound near the center of the organ. This should reveal all of them without much trouble. Cut them all out to the surface with the scalpel. This is probably the single most dangerous part of the operation if you decided to do it with 60 vitals. Once you've cut them all vitals will have probably gone down to 20, and you will have quite a few lacerations to worry about, plus the Kyriaki will continue to make more. Suture as fast as you can, and if vitals drop into the teens, ignore everything else and get them out of there with the stabilizer, then go back to suturing. After a little bit of this all of the wounds will be treated and you should be back in control.

Vitals are still probably very low at this point. We're going to raise them all the way to 99 here while we let the Kyriaki run around. They will cause damage as you're doing this but don't worry. It's actually to your benefit. Suture any lacerations that come up as they appear and then go back to the syringe. Eventually you should be up to max vitals. When that happens, switch to the laser and kill two of the Kyriaki. Only two though! Leave the third one alive. When the second one kicks the bucket another pair of Kyriaki will spawn. Suture the two lacerations they create and then bring 'em up to the surface with the scalpel like you did last time. Treat all of the wounds. Now you're going to let these three guys run amok while you raise vitals to 99 just like you did with the last 3. This time vitals won't have been as low, so you should get back up to 99 pretty fast.

Take a look at the clock. We're going to stall until it goes below 2:45, then we'll kill them all with the laser. Now the boss Kyriaki will make his appearance escorted by a single small one. He will create his trademark triple slash pattern and the little one will also make one. Suture all of these immediately. I recommend many passes to get COOLs on these. Around 10. I also recommend that you first suture the diagonal one that goes from left to right, then the diagonal one that goes from right to left, and finally the middle one. In that order. I find that this helps so that the game doesn't think I'm suturing the wrong one when I meant to suture another.

Bring the boss and the small one up to the surface with the scalpel. Let them run around and raise vitals for a little bit. Keep your eye on the clock. When it gets close to 2:00, start killing the boss. Not the other one. Leave the little one alone. The clock should be around 1:50 once the boss is dead. Now vitals will probably be low. Start raising them to 99 while the little guy runs around. Once vitals are at 99 OR the clock goes below 1:40, kill him.

Now you have 10 seconds to finish up. You need to finish before 1:30, so quickly make the final suture, gell, and apply the bandage. That'll be it.