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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 180 - 500
-No mistakes - 800
-Completed with 150 left - 200
-20 COOLs earned - 500

Shit man, the music in this one is so epic I could cry. Definitely a contender for the most fun operation in the game along with Pempti. This Savato works similarly to the one Blackwell had. Except it's more badass. The biggest challenge in XSing this operation will be hitting the score you need. If you score too low, you will only get an S. And getting the score you need before the Healing Touch is much harder in this one than it was back in chapter 5. The other problem is that the operation is so long that after a while you'll likely have some trademark Trauma Center jitters and wrist pain. It's important to get a few minutes of rest in between retries. It's also a good idea to pace yourself throughout the operation because as your wrist stamina gives out you'll get worse and worse. Try to relax your grip a little when there's a slight lull in the action. Be careful though, because if you've been gripping the wiimote for a long time and suddenly relax and then tense up again, there's a chance you can get mild tendon spasms which can be a little offputting. You can also pause the game in the middle of the operation and rest for a few minutes. This is pretty effective in getting your wrist back in the game. Obviously I can't do that in the video, which sucks, but you can.

Get inside. You'll be at the heart and spot the Savato plus a bunch of its webs. You'll want to immediately switch to the scalpel and start severing those. Just put your cursor over a web and keep the button held down on it for a few seconds. However, your scalpel will melt each time you break one. It's fine though, just put your cursor over the next web and keep the button held down. If you do this, once your scalpel is usable again it will start cutting off the next web immediately.

Be careful. When there's only one web left, Savato will create a new one plus some minions. Obviously you want to burn these little guys with the laser but you should do that ONLY if your scalpel is currently unusable. As SOON as you can use your scalpel, ignore the mini-savatos and sever a web. Then go back to burning them with the laser as the scalpel is recovering. As soon as it is, cut off the last web. Savato will escape down to the bottom of the heart and create a bunch of new webs. You'll have to repeat the same procedure to get rid of these, except this time he'll start creating new ones and sending out minions earlier. Just remember the rule: only laser the minions if your scalpel is currently unusable.

The transition from top to bottom and then to top again here is a great place to rest for a few seconds. It's not much, I know, but every little bit helps. Relax and place your hand on your lap or wherever you feel comfortable until you can use your tools again.

Once those webs are taken care of, Savato will escape back to the top part of the heart and create a bunch more. You'll have to repeat the same procedure a third time exactly the same way as before. Now, here, if this was the chapter 5 Savato I'd tell you to leave a minion alive when all the webs are gone so he can absorb it. But this Savato is powerful enough as it is, so I can't really recommend it. Plus, you won't be getting most of your point in that part.

When that's done you'll move on to the next phase. Here you will have to keep using the laser to burn the Savato's outer layer. Since he likes to dodge a lot, what I recommend here is that, instead of holding the button down, you try to prick him for a second with it, and when he dodges, follow him but WITHOUT holding the button down, and only use the laser when he's reasonably immobile. Basically, you want to avoid wearing out the laser. One, because it's actually less effective than using it moderately, and two because you want to keep it on hand in case he decides to send out minions. Still, there are a few times where wearing out the laser completely could be good. For example, if it's already in the red, and Savato has just sent out his minions and you've burned them all off. Wearing it off completely before suturing the laceration and then injecting stabilizer once could very well work in your favor.

The thing you have to watch out for with Savato here is that when he's not being burned with the laser, his armor gradually gets tougher and tougher. This means that if you're not constantly on his ass it's only going to take you longer and longer to burn off that outer layer. If you've been particularly lenient on him it can take you forever to get back on track and it's reasonably easy to lose all of your time like this. Therefore, as SOON as the last web is severed and you move on to the laser phase, begin burning him. That's right, immediately. Your laser will probably be almost spent from the last phase but it doesn't matter. Burn him immediately even if it's only a little. Just don't let his shields regenerate too much.

Right, minions. That's one of his two modes of attack. He'll periodically create a long laceration from which little guys will pour out of. You'll want to get them with laser immediately before they get a chance to disperse. Then suture the laceration before going back to the offensive.

The other mode of attack is simply to cause 3 normal lacerations. Just suture them as fast as you can before going back to the laser.

The strategy I recommend here is to be very aggressive. If the laser is white, you should be burning Savato. ONLY give the laser a break when it's yellow-red. Don't let it sit there unused if it's completely recovered. When it IS recovering you should be pumping stabilizer. That's the strategy. Never let up. Even if vitals aren't at max, if the laser is white forget about the syringe until it's yellow. In fact, sometimes it can even be better to completely ignore vitals unless they're really low and just try to get that shell off as soon as possible.

The exception to this, of course, is his attacks. Killing his minions and suturing lacerations always takes priority over everything else, in that order. And the exception to THIS is, of course, if Dr. Hoffman is about to die, ignore everything and concentrate on getting vitals out of the teens.

When you've laser'd off the outer layer, which you will know because Savato will start doing some crazy ninja dodging when you try to laser him some more, it'll be time to switch to the scalpel and slash him once. He moves around a lot so be careful. When you do that, he'll escape down to the bottom of the heart, and you'll have to repeat the procedure again. If you've been very aggressive you can get him to move out to the bottom before the clock goes below 8. Repeat the procedure in the exact same way and make him move to the top again. Now this will be the final round. Here I'd recommend to be as aggressive as you've been up till now and get his outer layer off as soon as possible, then cut him up. Now he'll be vulnerable. Raise vitals to higher than 30 if necessary, then inject the black serum into him. You may be tired by now. Be careful and make sure you don't get a miss.

Now Savato will go balls out. Naomi will activate her god mode Healing Touch and Savato will start making a ridiculous amount of lacerations. This will be your chance to rack up some serious points before the operation is over. Do not activate your Healing Touch. Every time Savato slashes the heart vitals will drop like they're hot, but since Naomi's Healing Touch is so broken, you can suture lacerations as fast as you can and this will keep the vitals up. Just keep suturing. The longer you keep doing this, the better your chances of getting the XS. When the sutures start getting red, switch to your syringe and start raising vitals that way while they recover. Once they're white again go back to suturing. When the time is at 2:45 or so, it'll be time to finish up. I had to finish up earlier in my video because youtube has a video limit of 10 minutes, but you don't have to. It's really up to you. Anyway now go ahead and activate the ultimate Healing Touch. Now time will stop completely. Suture ALL of the remaining lacerations. When that's done, inject a FULL syringe of serum into the Savato. Make sure it's full. Otherwise it won't work. That'll be it. Vitals should already be at 99. Just do the final suture and apply the bandage. Be careful. Wouldn't want to get a miss here.