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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 90 - 600
-Completed with 140 left - 800
-No mistakes - 600

Pempti works exactly the same way as he did last time except now he's trying his hardest to keep you from getting the XS by being a complete pussy and making all his minions so slow that they all die before they can do anything.

So we're going to approach this operation the same way as the last Pempti:

Go inside. Don't worry about raising vitals yet. When you're in, immediately fill up your syringe with the serum and inject it into the circle of Pempty cells before it disappears. After injecting once, switch to the stabilizer and raise vitals to max with a single injection on the right. Then switch back to the serum and inject the circle a second time. This will cause the Pempti core to reveal itself. Switch to your new laser now and begin burning the core.

Once you get the first OK it'll be time to fight Pempti mano a mano. To kill it, you have to keep burning the core with the laser. But Pempti defends itself by sending out its minions to wreak havoc on the patient's lung. You can't ignore the minions or they'll kill the poor guy in mere seconds. You have to kill them with the laser as well.

As a general rule, always, always, ALWAYS have your laser activated and right on the core when you're not dealing with minions. This is because this is where they come out from. you don't really know what Pempti will send out next, so having the laser activated and pointing on the core puts you in the best possible position to fight whatever it's going to send out on the shortest notice.

Now Pempti has 3 kinds of minions that it likes to send out. The first type are red mini-cores that cause lacerations. These are the ones that can cause the most damage if you don't take care of them, but they're also not too hard to deal with. Pempti will send 5 of these, one right after the other. They will move from the center (that is, where the core is located) to one of 5 spots around it, then shoot upwards after a second and create a laceration on the lung. You don't want this to happen. Your goal is to kill every one of these 5 small cores BEFORE they get a chance to create their laceration. This isn't hard to do if you're on the ball, but the timeframe from their creation to the laceration is a little bit strict so your laser NEEDS to be active and pointing at the core BEFORE it sends the first one out. Otherwise there's a good chance that you won't have enough time to kill it before it does damage. You can probably suture one or two lacerations if you're fast enough, but ideally you don't want to give Pempti a chance to create even ONE. The problem is that if you try to suture after all 5 of them have gone out, it's probable that you will not be pointing the laser at the core when it sends out the next wave, meaning you will NOT have time to deal with it, and you will be even closer to being overwhelmed. So it's in your best interest to kill these little guys immediately. To do this, as I've said before, have your laser burning the core before they come out. This makes it so that you start burning and causing damage to it as it's coming out, and you can follow its path with the laser up to one of the 5 points where it preps to make the laceration, burning it the entire time. If you do this, you will kill it before it does the laceration. But you can't relax because there's still 4 more to come after that one, so very quickly go back to the center and repeat the same thing for all of them. Remember, don't let even ONE of them get past.

The next type of Pempti minions are blue ones that cause tiny tumors. In the last operation these were so stupidly fast that it was nigh impossible to get them all before they caused damage. But this time around, it seems Pempti knows that you're going for the XS and it's hellbent on keeping it away from you by making these guys a lot slower. This time around it's actually quite easy to kill them all before they create their tumors, but of course, you don't want this because if you don't let them, you won't get a high enough score. Therefore, what we actually want to do is let some of these guys live so that they can create some tumors to help boost our chain. Now if you'll notice, the laser has an area of effect. This means that you can actually kill two of these little cores at the same time by pointing the laser BETWEEN them. If you're good, you can consistently kill all of them every time by doing this. But this is not really what you want. You want extra points. Ideally, you want to leave 2 or 3 alive so they create a lot of tumors that you can quickly treat. What I recommend doing is, as soon as all 5 come out, move your laser a bit upwards, and place it in between two of the ones on the top part. You should very easily kill those two before they create their tumors. Then, move on to burning a third one. Again, you should easily kill this one. Now leave the other two alone. Switch to the gel and start applying it on the part of the lung where they're going to create their tumors. This will raise vitals a little bit plus prep you up for treating them. Once they move upwards and create them, quickly switch to your laser and start burning in that part before the gel disappears. The tumors will be gelled up as soon as you burn them. Obviously you can't actually see the tumors because the gel is blocking your view, but just burn wildly around that part and you should get most of them. When the gel disappears quickly get the few strangler tumors you missed and gel them up, then burn the two little cores before they get a chance to create a second set.

Be careful because unless you're some kind of legendary surgeon this doesn't always go 100% smoothly. Pempti might get a chance to send out his first red core out and cause a laceration, for example. Don't worry though, just keep going and suture it quickly after the 6th one's killed.

The third type of minion Pempti uses is the least dangerous one. They are 5 mini cores that slowly come out in a spiral and start spinning around and causing damage. The thing is, these pose absolutely NO problem if you're pointing the laser at the core (which you should be). If you are, you don't need to do anything. All 5 mini cores will die as they're coming out before they have a chance to know what's up. No sweat. The only time that these guys can cause damage is if you took a bit too long to treat the tumors and kill the 2 little cores from the previous section. Don't worry though, just laser them all. The patient's vitals will take a bit of a hit but it shouldn't be too much.

In any case, that's how you fight Pempti. If you always keep the laser on the core you should be done before the time limit. Your only worry (other than dying), is your score. Do not break your chain at any time. You want to end with a chain of around 150.