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Special Bonus

-Captured 3 blue GUILT bodies - 600
-Max chain over 50 - 200
-No mistakes - 400
-Completed with 140 left - 800

This operation is pretty easy. The main thing you have to watch out for is that you don't kill any of the Savatos and 2, that you don't get a BAD and thus break your chain. The other thing is that you need to score something like 9400 points or so for the XS. When I scored 9000 I only got an S. That means the XS is somewhere between 9000-9400. What this also means is that you must make sure to finish with the patient's vitals at max, and also to finish quite a bit faster than the special bonus limit.

Perform the lobectomy immediately without raising vitals. You'll spot 3 normal lacerations. Suture them all quickly. Don't raise vitals at all. When that's done, 3 Kyriaki will spawn. You're going to deal with these as you always have. Suture the 3 lacerations they made, then start spamming the ultrasound on the center of the organ. Bring them all out with the scalpel then burn them with the laser. These happen to be a little stronger than normal. They will actually require 3 pricks with the laser before they die. You should not raise vitals at all throughout this. When they're all dead, suture the lacerations and treat the remaining wounds.

When that's done, 3 blue Savatos will spawn and bring vitals down to 36 automatically. This is why you shouldn't raise vitals at all in the previous phase. It would have just been wasted time. Now the characters are going to talk for a while. Prepare to suture the laceration the Savatos made as soon as they're done. Now 2 Kyriaki will appear. Suture both of the lacerations and take care of them like always. Be mildly careful here though, because you want to keep all 3 Savatos alive throughout this. If you kill one accidentally it's over. It's not too hard to avoid them though so don't worry. What I'd recommend is, instead of holding the laser button down when fighting Kyriaki, just prick them once with it, let them move, follow them without having the laser activated, prick them again, let them move, etc. This works pretty well and reduces the chances of accidentally hitting a Savato.

After you've killed both Kyriaki, suture the lacerations but don't gel the incision wounds just yet. The patient's probably got one foot in the grave at this point so take the time to raise them to max (that's 36). Now gel the wounds.

After little ones are dead the boss Kyriaki will appear and create his trademark triple laceration pattern. Take care of these before you start looking for him. Remember to make many passes to get the COOLs. Now, unlike the little ones, the boss Kyriaki burrows after being hit with the laser. So we'll be repeating the procedure on him as many times as it takes. When the wounds have been treated, start spamming the ultrasound near the center. He's big so he should be easy to spot. Cut him up with the scalpel and then laser him. He requires VERY little lasering before he burrows back inside the organ, so don't bother keeping the laser on him for very long. Just a few microseconds is fine. As he's burrowing, immediately switch to the sutures, treat the lacerations and the wound you made with the gel. Then switch back to the ultrasound and repeat the exact same procedure until you've defeated him. All this should be done without hitting any Savatos. Remember that max vitals is 36, so you will have to raise them a couple of times in between hitting the Kyriaki.

When he's dead, Blackwell will give you a black serum to immobilize the Savato. Be mildly careful here. You don't want to inject them when they're moving or you could get a miss. Generally speaking, when a Savato stops moving, he will remain stationary for a few seconds before moving again. This is your chance to inject it. So to be safe, you want to wait until you've seen one stop moving. If you haven't seen him stop, there's a chance that he could be ready to start moving again at any moment, and if he does move while you're in the middle of injecting the serum, you will get a miss. If the other ones are still moving after you've immobilized one, it's not a bad idea to pick it up and place it on the tray. If you've seen another one stop though, go ahead and inject that one as well before you pick up the last one.

That will be it for the operation. Make the final suture. Now vitals are probably really low, and having them at 99 before you finish is imperative so switch to the syringe and start pumping stabilizer. When the syringe is about to give out, switch to the gel and disinfect the bandage area. This should give it some time to recuperate somewhat. Once you get the OK, switch back and continue raising them all the way to 99. Apply the bandage and you're done.