Fuck you. Go to jail.

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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 50 - 1000
-Paraskevi moved 1 time or less - 500
-Completed with 120 left - 300
-No mistakes - 200

Paraskevi's a pretty fun GUILT because as you're cutting him up into smaller pieces more and more of them get added and things can get pretty hectic for you if you're not careful. Our strategy when operating on Paraskevi will be to avoid dealing with more bodies at any one time than is necessary. In other words, we want to keep things as easy and manageable for ourselves as possible.

When you first get inside Cybil, you will see two small lacerations. Just take care of these quickly. After they're gone, you have a chance to raise vitals to max before Paraskevi makes its appearance. It'll start as one big body. If you let it be for a while, it will eventually burrow and move on to another organ, then to another, and another and so on until it reaches the heart and kills the patient. You don't want this to happen. If Paraskevi moves more than once, you will not get the XS. Use the laser on its tail to paralyze it temporarily. This keeps it from burrowing.

Pay attention to the tail. When it starts vibrating, it means it's about to burrow, so quickly paralyze it before it gets the chance. Once it's paralyzed, you'll have to switch to the scalpel and slash it's midsection to start killing it. Remember to slash along the MIDDLE. Any other part won't work. Once you do, it will turn into two bodies and create two lacerations. Before dealing with the lacerations, it's a good idea to paralyze the two bodies first so they don't burrow while you're busy suturing. Now, we're going to repeat the procedure and slash one of the two bodies. This will have the same effect as the last time. It will divide in two and cause two lacerations. Now you have 3 bodies to worry about.

What you're going to do from here on out is concentrate on slashing ONLY the smallest body currently present. You will do this so you can reduce the number of Paraskevi while keeping the number you have to worry about at one time down to the most manageable level. Therefore, other than periodically paralyzing them with the laser, you will ignore the larger bodies and only slash the smallest ones. You should keep working the same way as you go on, paralyze, slash, paralyze all, suture, paralyze again, slash etc. However, once you slash a body down to the smallest size, that is, to only a tail and head, what you'll want to do is, instead of suturing the lacerations after paralzing everything, ignore them for a bit, and instead, pick up the two smallest bodies comprised of only the head and tail as soon as you paralyze them. Only after these two are gone should you suture the lacerations. The reason is that the smallest ones move too fast, plus by that point there will be a very large number of them, and if you can get rid of two that fast and easily, it's better to get them out of the way first.

After that, move on to the smallest body currently present and start working that one down. Do everything exactly the same way until there are no more Paraskevi. Raise vitals whenever you want, but make sure that all the bodies are paralyzed when you do.

Alternatively, once you've slashed once and there are two large Paraskevis, you could choose to ignore one of them completely and let it move on to the next organ and treat it only once you've completely gotten rid of the other one. This might lighten the workload a bit since you'd have one less Paraskevi to worry about on the first organ. Still, I prefer to play it safe and not let any of them through on purpose.

Sometimes there may be too many Paraskevis moving around to paralyze all of them. This is when their signals come in handy. You can actually choose to let a body roam around as long as its tail isn't vibrating. However, the ones whose tails ARE vibrating should be lasered as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, if you're good at watching for those signals, it could be in your best interest to only paralyze bodies when absolutely necessary. This can certainly help to make things go faster for you.

Make sure to be careful when suturing so that you never get a BAD. Otherwise it's probable that you won't be able to hit the max chain bonus. If this happens you will not get the XS. Finally, be careful when picking up the smallest bodies. Firstly, make sure they're paralyzed, and secondly, make sure that they aren't near another body, because then you could accidentally pick up the wrong one and get a miss. If you paralyze a tiny Paraskevi and a larger one near each other, it might be best to let the paralysis wear off so they can get some distance from each other.