Everybody lies, no exceptions.

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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 30 - 600
-3 or fewer diverticula formed - 500
-Completed with 180 left - 400
-No mistakes - 500

Angie says this Tetarti is stronger than normal. If you ask me, it sounds like another of her many lies. Who knows though, it might take a few more injections before it dies but other than that it's absolutely identical to the last one. There are zero changes from the normal procedure. If you XS'd the last Tetarti you should have no trouble XSing this one as well.

Tetarti is a pretty easy GUILT in this operation. The biggest danger you're going to face is trying to make sure that you don't miss the bodies when injecting the serum. This'll cause a miss and will likely be the only thing that keeps you from getting the XS.

Anyway, when you're inside you'll spot three diverticula. We're going to take care of these as fast as possible. Inject the correct colored serum in each of them one right after the other. After the third injection, quickly switch to your scalpel and excise the FIRST one you injected, then move on to excise the second one you injected, and finally the last one. You need to do it in this order or else there's a high chance that the serum will wear off on the first one before you get a chance to work on it. In any case, quickly take all 3 of them to the tray right after the other. This should net you a COOL on every one. Apply the synthetic membranes and gel them. By now the patient's vitals should be a bit on the low side. Don't worry about this, you'll have plenty of time to raise them.

Now we fight Tetarti proper. Before they appear, get ready by filling up your syringe with a serum. Doesn't matter which. Once they come out, pay attention. Find the one which is the same color as the serum currently in your syringe. This is going to be the first one you inject. But at the same time, pay attention to a second body and keep its color in the back of your mind. This is because this one will be the second one you inject, and since their color disappears after the first second, you need to know it beforehand.

Now you're going to inject the correct colored serum into each Tetarti body but it's imperative that you be VERY careful when doing so. They move around a lot and like to make sharp turns that make it very easy for you to miss. First of all, relax. You'll want to keep a steady hand throughout this operation. It's true that the Tetarti burrow back after a while if you don't inject them all fast enough, but you have more time than you might think so don't rush. Generally speaking Tetarti will make sharp turns when it hits the edges of the organ or one of the other bodies. Usually when it makes a sharp turn it will not make another one immediately unless it hits something. Use this to your advantage. If you notice that it has just made a turn, you can be pretty confident that it will keep moving forward, which makes it easier to inject safely. If you see that it's about to hit an edge or another one of the bodies, it's probably a good idea to wait a little until after he's made the turn just to be safe.

If you're stupid like me and forget to check the second one's color, it's a good idea to wait a little until the remaining bodies expel their gas so you can be sure that you're injecting the correct one. If you get the wrong color, just restart. After you've injected all 3 and as they're dying, you have an opportunity to inject stabilizer twice and still have time to fill the syringe up with serum before the next wave appears. If you do this every time you defeat a wave, you'll be at max vitals in no time.

In any case, that's all you need to do. Just keep doing the same thing until all the Tetarti have been killed. Again, being very careful never to get a miss.