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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 200 - 800
-All 5 operations were completed - 600
-5 patients saved - 100
-No mistakes - 500

This is a pretty fun operation. It's not that hard but it is very long so it's a bit of an endurance test. You're going to treat 5 patients back to back all infected with Kyriaki. Because it's so long, it's very likely that this is an operation which will cause you wrist pain. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome this operation is very likely to cause it to flare up. If you're young you can try to take it and just hang in there. If you're old I recommend taking it easy a little. Nevertheless, wrist pain does lower your ability, and if it's particularly bad it can even cause mild hand paralysis and even muscle spasms. Therefore if you're experiencing this I recommend taking short breaks in between retries. It doesn't have to be more than a few minutes. Also, it helps a little to pause in between patients and rest for a few seconds if you feel your wrist too tensed up. Obviously I can't do that in my video since people would get tired of watching nothing happen or I'd have to edit it which I'm completely against. You can though, and it's not a bad idea.

The real trick to XSing this operation though is to realize that you have plenty of time. To realize that your number one priority isn't to be fast; but rather to avoid breaking your chain or getting a miss. That's what you should be striving for. This isn't New Blood so you don't actually have to get COOLs in every single thing you do. A few GOODs here and there are acceptable. But always be careful. Don't rush. Make sure that you never get a BAD.

Perform the lobectomy as soon as you start. Once you're inside the patient, my recommendation is to suture all of the normal lacerations except for one, then take care of the huge one. Remember to be reasonably careful when bringing the two ends together. If your hand slips you'll get a miss and lose the XS. You should know how to get COOLs on all these lacerations by now. Remember that when in doubt, it's better to make more passes than less. Before you suture the last small laceration, raise vitals to max. After that laceration is treated, the Kyriaki will start appearing. There is really no difference to the Kyriaki treatment here. You will be fighting it in the exact same way that you fought the last ones. The only difference is that there's more of them.

Treat the lacerations the kyriaki makes as soon as you see them. Then switch to the ultrasound. Try to concentrate most of your ultrasounds around the center of the organ unless you've gone 2-3 ultrasounds without finding anything. Usually you'll be able to make the Kyriaki appear by spamming it near the center though.

As soon as you can see the Kyriaki, immediately switch to the scalpel and make an incision on him, then very quickly change to the laser and burn it. It's weak so it won't require much to kill it. You'll want to immediately switch to the sutures and take care of the laceration it made, then switch to the gel and treat the wound caused by your incision. Then, switch to the sutures and keep them as a pre-emptive measure for the laceration the next wave of Kyriaki will make. All this should be done as the original one is dying and before the next ones appear. Remember that it takes two hits with the laser to kill the little Kyriaki. Use this knowledge to your advantage. As soon as you hit it the second time, you know that you have to switch to the sutures immediately.

You can actually raise vitals before treating the laceration and incision wound without fear of the next wave arriving until you do. This isn't actually necessary though. The next wave will have more Kyriaki. Usually you'll only fight two at a time but sometimes you can fight up to 3. I like to find and cut them all up then kill them at the same time rather than dealing with them one at a time.

After little ones are dead the boss Kyriaki will appear and create his trademark triple laceration pattern. Take care of these before you start looking for him. Remember to make many passes to get the COOLs. Now, unlike the little ones, the boss Kyriaki has several HP. So we'll be repeating the procedure on him as many times as it takes. When the wounds have been treated, start spamming the ultrasound near the center. He's big so he should be easy to spot. Cut him up with the scalpel and then laser him. He requires VERY little lasering before he burrows back inside the organ, so don't bother keeping the laser on him for very long. Just a few microseconds is fine. As he's burrowing, immediately switch to the sutures, treat the lacerations and the wound you made with the gel. Then switch back to the ultrasound and repeat the exact same procedure until you've defeated him.

Obviously if vitals go into the critical zone you should raise them no matter what. Generally speaking, before fighting the boss Kyriaki vitals should be around 60 if you don't want to raise them in the middle of the fight. Sometimes though, a little one will also be running around when the boss appears. You want to take care of this little one before dealing with the boss. And obviously vitals should be a bit higher than 60 if this is the case.

Like I said before, the most important part of this operation is being careful and making sure you don't break your chain. Speed isn't as important. When moving between patients don't bother raising their vitals before you close them up. Except for the very last one, of course. Also be sure to take it slow and careful when applying the bandage after each one because you don't want to get a BAD there.