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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 70 - 600
-No mistakes - 600
-Completed with 210 left - 800

Next up on our marathon of drop-dead easy operations. Open the poor guy up again.

As soon as you're in, fill up the syringe with the nanomachine and inject it in the circle. Fill up the syringe again. But now wait until it disappears. Once it reappears again, inject it a second time. It will create tumors on the upper part of the lung. But ignore those for now and instead inject the circle a third time before it has a chance to disappear. It will create a second set of tumors. Now you can quickly switch to your laser and start burning them off. Don't worry about causing damage to the lung with the laser. You can hold the button down and just burn those tumors off as fast as you can. Gel up the holes. Now start burning the Pempti core with the laser. After a couple second you will get the OK. However, it will simply extend the gelatinous fluid back up the lung. Use the time while it's doing this to raise vitals by injecting stabilizer on the right.

Now just repeat the procedure in exactly the same way. This time, after you burn the core, switch to your scalpel because it'll be time to cut it out and place it on the tray. And that'll be it for this operation. If you did everything like I told you, you should get the XS. There's really not many places where you could make mistakes so it's a pretty easy one.