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Special Bonus

-Finished faster than 5 - 2500

What is it with these easy operations lately? To XS this one you need to put the pieces of the puzzle in the correct places faster than 5 seconds. To do this you need to know where each piece goes ahead of time. You need to grab each piece and place it in its correct spot without even thinking. This isn't very hard to do once you've tried it a few times.

To do this quickly, remember the forceps trick: Keep the A button held down at ALL times, and simply press and release the B button to grab and place things. This allows you to use the forceps much faster and with a much greater degree of control.

While the operation is starting, put your cursor over the piece on the top left and hold down the A and B buttons. This will allow you to grab it the very instant the hidden timer starts ticking. Place it on the top left spot. Then go for the top right piece and place it on the bottom left part. Next, pick up the bottom left piece and place it on the top right part. Finally place the remaining piece in the remaining spot. That's it. Easiest XS ever. Obviously you'll need to practice it a few times until you can do it fast enough but it's really not hard at all.