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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 17 - 1000
-No mistakes - 600
-Finished 10 of Victor's orders - 400

Another very easy operation. That is, if you know the trick to it. The trick is that to get the XS you must carry out 10 of Victor's orders, but if you work TOO well he will only give you 9 orders. If you follow my directions you shouldn't have any problem though. Especially because there is no time limit. Open up Mr. Anderson and get inside.

As soon as you're in, switch to the scalpel and use it on the lung. Doesn't really matter where. Just keep the button held down until you get the OK. Then switch to the laser and again, keep the button down until you get the OK. It also doesn't matter where you use it. Next, do the same thing with the gel.

Now we're going to start using the syringe. Locate the circle of Pempti cells. I like to wait until it disappears and reappears again, that way I can inject the blue serum and the pink one right after the other before it disappears. When injecting, make sure that you fill the syringe up completely. Otherwise you will have to inject more than once to get the full dosage in there. When it reappears again, inject the yellow serum. Very quickly go for the white serum now, fill it up completely and inject it. However, this won't be enough. You'll need to fill up the syringe a second time. But before you inject that second round of white serum, check out Anderson's vitals. Make sure that they are below 70 before you inject that second time. If you did this correctly, Victor will tell you to raise his vitals with stabilizer. This is the order which you might not get if you work too well.

Next, you're going to inject the blue serum and then the yellow one. You'll want to inject them both before the circle disappears, so wait until it has disappeared and reappeared once before starting so that you have enough time. After that do the same thing but with the pink and white. You can also raise vitals while you're waiting for the circle to reappear. Once that's done, you just have to cut out the circle, and place it on the tray. Then finish up like always and that'll be it for this operation. A very easy XS.