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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 12 - 1000
-Toxins formed fewer than 3 times - 500
-Completed with 140 left - 300
-No mistakes - 200

This operation is stupidly easy. Because of that there isn't a whole lot to say. All you have to do is inject the serum on the underdeveloped Tetarti and make sure you don't get a miss. When it burrows just look around with your ultrasound. A good place to start looking is at the center. Once it's visible just cut it up with the scalpel and quickly inject it again. Don't gel the wound until it's burrowing again. After the third injection it'll start rampaging around. Just keep spreading gel over him, remember to press the button repeatedly rather than just holding it down. There's really nothing to this operation. You can probably XS it with your eyes closed.

The opening in this patient is very thin. To get the COOL in the final suture I'd recommend doing lots of passes through the entire length of the incision area but keep them relatively narrow.