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Special Bonus

-No Healing Touch - 1000
-Less than 2 membranes multiplied - 500
-Completed with 210 left - 300
-No mistakes - 200

Ahhh, Triti. This operation is an absolute nightmare when you first get to it. It is potentially the hardest operation in the entire game because it's very difficult to figure out exactly how Triti works.

This is further exacerbated by the fact that the explanation Angie gives you is an outright, blatant lie. Probably because she secretly wants you to fail and wants the patient to die. What a bitch. I wish I could hate her to death. But don't worry, I've got your back. So just ignore all of her malicious lies.

First of all I'm going to explain to you the way Triti works. But know that it can be a bit difficult to understand at first. This explanation will help you, but I recommend that you also get in there and actually see for yourself. It might take a while, but I guarantee that it will eventually become clear to you.

Triti is made up of two parts: membranes and thorns. What you want to do is remove all of the membranes from the pancreas. However, each membrane is embedded into the organ by three thorns in each corner. To remove a membrane, first you must remove all of the thorns surrounding it. The thorns also regenerate after a few seconds.

The big problem, of course, is the way the membranes multiply. First of all, notice that membranes only multiply based on what you do. Notice that if you don't do anything, they will never multiply. This means that, while speed is still important, it's also important to know what you are doing.

Notice that membranes can only multiply when you remove one with the forceps. Simply removing thorns does not allow them to. Now, the trick to Triti's nightmarish multiplication is simply this: if there are two thorns adjacent to each other, and there is a free space next to them, a new membrane will appear there when you remove a membrane on any part of the organ. Therefore, the trick lies in looking at the thorns. What you want to do is only remove membranes when there are no adjacent thorns currently present. The exception is when there is no free space where two adjacent thorns can create a new membrane. This is either because there is already a membrane there, or because it's the edge of the organ and there is no actual room for a membrane to appear.

You're going to be using your forceps almost exclusively here. I recommend that you grab the wiimote in a specific way here: place your thumb over the A button and grip the remote firmly with it. That's right, you're going to have the A button constantly pressed throughout this operation. Never let go of it until you're done. If you have the A button pressed, then you can simply use the B button to grab and let go of things with the forceps. There is no need to press and let go of both buttons. Using a single button affords much greater control over the remote. When pulling thorns in general, remember that they are embedded in the organ. You want to pull UPWARDS when grabbing them before placing them on the tray. If you simply pull to the right, you will get a miss and forfeit the entire operation. This is important, so always remember to pull in an upward motion.

Now what follows is the way to XS this specific operation. Understanding Triti and the meaning behind what you're going to do is good, but if you follow these directions you can XS the operation without having to understand it:

When you're inside the patient, hit the skip button, switch to your forceps and wait until Angie and Miller are done talking. Once they are, you're going to very quickly remove 9 thorns. Starting from the bottom right, you're going to remove all of the thorns EXCEPT for the 3 on the top left. When you've removed the ninth one, quickly go back to the bottom where you first started and begin removing all of the membranes. That's 5 membranes: the 3 on the bottom and the two in the middle. It's absolutely crucial that your remove the membranes quickly and in the same order that you first removed the thorns. If you do this correctly, NO membranes will multiply. There will now be only 3 of them left at the top. As soon as you remove the last of these 5 membranes, very quickly remove the single leftmost thorn of the 3 you originally left alone, then remove the membrane beneath it. Now there should be only 2 membranes left and zero new ones have been created. At this point, stop for a little. I want you to wait until the 4 thorns surrounding those two membranes have all regenerated. Use the time to inject stabilizer if you want. Then, when you see all 4 thorns there, very quickly remove ALL of them, then remove both membranes one right after the other. One of the thorns will probably turn into gas. IGNORE this gas until after you've removed both membranes. Then simply drain it. You can still drain the gas before removing the membranes if you're fast, but it's really better to just leave it until you're done.

Now just close up the patient and that'll be it. Check my video to see the demonstration of the directions I just gave you.