The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.

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Special Bonus

-No Healing Touch - 1000
-Core reached faster than 80 - 700
-Did not approach MISS limit - 300

Alright, now we're talkin'! This is probably the first very difficult operation. You're probably going to require a few tries to XS this one, and the first two phases are probably impossible to get through on your first try unless you're very lucky. Don't worry though, once you know exactly what to do, those two phases will be the least of your problems.

We're going to start by unscrewing the lid. There are four screw which you are going to unscrew with your scalpel. The problem is you don't know which ones unscrew to the right and which ones to the left. Well except you do because I'm telling you. If you take a good look near the bottom right of the lid, some dumb person scratched the direction towards which you have to unscrew. So we're going to use this. When the operation starts, I recommend not hitting the skip button immediately. This way the time limit won't go down while you're checking the scratch marks. Once you're sure of which way you're going to unscrew each of them, hit that skip button. The way you want to do this is to unscrew every bolt completely with a single twist of your wrist. To do this, switch to your scalpel and before you press the button, prepare yourself by twisting your wrist, arm, and even a little bit of your body towards the OPPOSITE direction which you're going to unscrew the bolt in. Then, once you're completely twisted in this direction as much as you can, put the cursor over the bolt, press the button, and twist yourself completely in the opposite direction. This should make the bolt go out in a single motion. I like to start with the upper left one. Once you've unscrewed that one, your wrist, arm, and body should be twisted completely in the right direction. STAY like this, move the cursor over to the bolt on the top right, and press the button. Because you're already twisted all the way in the right direction, you don't need to prep your body. Simply twist yourself completely in the other direction. Then, again, stay in this position, and move the cursor to the bolt on the bottom right. You're already prepped for this one too, so hit the button and twist yourself again. Now move to the last bolt and do the same thing you've been doing. By doing this you'll be able to unscrew all of the bolts very fast. If you're sitting on a revolving chair (which you should be because they're awesome), you can give yourself an added boost by rotating to the right when you're twisting to the left and bringing your arm up above your head, and rotating to the left when you're twisting to the left and bringing your elbow up as much as you can to the left. This is, of course, only if you're using the wiimote on your right hand. If you're not, just switch the directions. You should finish this phase in under 10 seconds this way. One final recommendation here is to not twist TOO fast, or the sensor bar will not register the motion.

Once the lid's off, we'll move on to the second phase. This one is almost impossible if you don't know exactly what to do, but if you do, it's the easiest one. Here, you'll first grab the left plug with the forceps and place it on the top spot on the left side. Bring your arm back to get it off the slot and then move forward while keeping the cursor in the general vicinity of where you want to stick the plug. Don't worry if you move the cursor a lot, this makes no difference. The only thing you have to worry about is to NOT let go of the forceps until the plug has gone inside the slot completely. Now grab the plug on the right side and stick it in the third hole from the top on the right side. That's all you have to do here and you're done with this phase. You should only take about 5 seconds to complete this one.

Now the next phase is a bit hard. You're going to have to destroy every one of those panels with your laser, but if you touch the red panels the bomb will go off in your face. My recommendation here is to grab your wiimote, and hold your thumb very firmly above and slightly to the left of the A button, and use the B button to activate the laser. This gives you much greater control over the laser. First of all, don't worry so much about the time because you have plenty. It's more important to make sure you don't hit any red panels. This isn't all that easy to do but there's a trick to the way the red panels move and it's this: 1) When a red panel moves, it will ALWAYS move to a panel adjacent to it. This means that you can laser panels that have no adjacent red ones without fear of it suddenly becoming red. 2) The red panels will ALWAYS stay where they are for a few seconds right after they move. This means that you are free to laser panels adjacent to red ones immediately after you have seen the red ones change places. If it's been a while since the red panels have moved, and you want to laser one adjacent to them, it's better to play it safe and just wait it out until they move so you're sure you won't get a miss. Also be careful to always hit a panel with the laser, and not an empty space. Don't worry so much about this though because you can actually get a miss from hitting an empty space and still get the XS. Now, I said not to rush because you have plenty of time, and you do if you followed my cool tips in the previous phases, but you must make absolutely sure that you destroy all of the panels before the time reaches 3:40. Otherwise you will not get the XS.

Once all the panels are gone, you'll be in the final phase. Here, the time limit will immediately get reduced to 30. To finish this operation, you'll have to laser the bomb's core. But 3 rings of panels will start moving around it to protect it. If your laser so much as touches one of these rings, the bomb will explode in your face and you'll lose the mission. Now here I want you to take things VERY slowly. There is no time bonus here that you have to hit. You can use as much of those 30 seconds as you wish and still get the XS. So your prime concern here should be to make sure that your laser doesn't touch those rings. What I recommend here is to not concentrate on any one of the rings. Set your gaze at the center of the screen and instead gauge the rings' movement with your peripheral vision. The human peripheral vision is bad at distinguishing color and shape, but it happens to be good at detecting motion. This is a feature that evolved to avoid predators. You probably won't be avoiding predators any time soon, but this ability WILL instead help you to avoid those rings around the core. What you want to do is play it completely safe and laser the core in very small increments. As soon as you perceive a ring about to get close to the center of your vision, let go of the button, and wait patiently for your next opening. You should burn the core little by little in this way until the mission is finished. As a final aside, you may have to retry this operation several times to train your peripheral vision to more effectively detect the rings' movement. Don't worry about it. You will get it eventually. As a post-final aside, I need not remind you that alcohol and several other drugs cause tunnel vision. It's probably a good idea to stay clean while attempting this operation and playing the game in general. You might also have trouble if you try this mission when you're tired or need sleep, so if this is the case and you can't seem to XS it, it might be a good idea to take a break and get some sleep.