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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 60 - 800
-Completed with 150 left - 500
-No mistakes - 700

Alright, we're on to the second strain of GUILT. We're going to eliminate Deftera in two phases, first in the stomach, and then in the lung. That means that in the middle of the operation you'll have to perform a closing suture and bandage.

The biggest problem with XSing this operation is getting the max chain of 60. If you work too efficiently and get too lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it), you will kill Deftera without it causing enough damage to get your chain past 60. There's a very slight element of luck here in that sometimes Deftera will cause huge amounts of tumors and take forever to become vulnerable, while other times it will become vulnerable without making hardly any tumors. Don't worry though because you can always XS this even if you're very unlucky by taking the right measures.

Now then, when you start, make the lobectomy and go inside Amy. Don't raise vitals before you're inside. Once you are, we're going to stall for a bit and let the big tumors there create a few more tiny tumors to kickstart your chain. So bust out your syringe and start raising vitals. Because of the tumors, vitals will hardly go up at all. But don't worry about that. Keep injecting the stabilizer until the syringe can take no more and becomes unusable. When that happens, it's time to get to work on the tumors. They should have created a few extra tiny ones by now, so switch to your laser and burn them all. Once that's done, switch back to the syringe which should be usable again, and raise vitals while you wait for Deftera to make its appearance.

Now the Deftera type A and type B are going to run around for a while and create tumors every now and then. Keep your laser on hand and burn them off immediately when they appear. Try not to give them a chance to create tiny ones in this phase or to stick around for too long since it hurts Amy's vitals. After a little while (or a long while depending on your luck), the Deftera type A and type B will meet and begin eating each other. Now before you do anything, make sure that you've burned off any tumors that may have been created. Switch to your drain and keep it steady over the colliding Deftera. Keep the button pressed. You should do it fast enough that it takes a while for the drain to start working. Like I said, don't drain the Deftera if there are still tumors around. This will cause the drainage to fail and it will just be wasted time.

You'll need to drain the Deftera 3 times, so repeat the same procedure twice again. When you drain for the third time, quickly change to your scalpel. Circular scalpel lines will appear that will allow you to excise the Deftera. It gives you a little bit of time to get ready before the lines appear, so what I'd recommend is to start moving the scalpel where you THINK the lines will appear before they do so that you waste no time, and also so you're already comfortably making the right motion. Don't cut too fast because you want to get every dot on the first pass. If you do this fast enough the Deftera will only get a chance to create a single tumor. Burn this tumor off before you grab the Deftera with the forceps and place it on the tray. Then simply apply the synthetic membrane and gel over it. That'll be it for the stomach. You'll now have to close up the opening and put a bandage. Be very careful here though. You must make absolutely sure that you get at least a GOOD on the suture and the bandage, otherwise your chain will break and you will not get the XS. Raise vitals to 99 before applying the bandage.

Now we're going to move up to Amy's left lung. Perform the lobectomy and get inside. Here there will be two Deftera. That's 2 type A's and 2 type B's. The procedure is basically the same as the last one, except, obviously, there's going to be double the amount of tumors that you have to laser off, and her vitals will drop much quicker because when two of the same type meet they cause a nice bit of damage. Basically what you want to do here is, while the Deftera are moving around, burn off any tumors that get created immediately, and in between this, when there are no tumors present, be injecting stabilizer. The window of opportunity when there are no tumors present is very small so you'll have to be fast with that syringe. The main thing here is that you should ALWAYS be: either burning off tumors, or injecting stabilizer. Never catch yourself doing nothing unless vitals are at 99. Since there are two Deftera, there is a chance that while you're draining one, the other creates tumors which can screw you up. But don't despair. Simply continue taking care of the tumors and wait for your chance when both pairs of types are eating each other.

After a while, a type A and type B should meet. When this happens, the chances of the other pair meeting are very, very high. So what you want to do is drain both of them one right after the other. But first make absolutely sure that there are no tumors present, otherwise it won't work. Do this two more times, but on the third drain, don't drain the second pair. Instead switch to the scalpel and excise the first Deftera like you did back in the stomach. Remove it, apply the synthetic membrane, and gel. By this time the other pair has probably separated and started moving again. This is fine. Keep working like you've been and take a look at your chain. If it's close to 60, go ahead and defeat the remaining Deftera. If it's not not close to 60, it's a good idea to let it run amok for a while creating tumors to get your chain up.

In any case, once you've killed both Deftera it'll be time to close Amy up for good. Vitals are probably quite low at this point so raise them to 99 like you always do. Make the final suture and bandage and make sure you get at least GOOD on them.