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Special Bonus

-Tumors did not regenerate - 600
-Max chain over 100 - 400
-No mistakes - 600
-Completed with 180 left - 400

The trick to XSing this operation is to realize that if you work TOO well, you won't give the tumors a chance to cause enough damage to get your chain over 100. So what you want to do is stall for a little bit so that just a few more tumors form than is necessary. We'll do this on the first tumor since you can be more in control during that.

Open up the patient. There will be a single tumor in the center. There is no need to use the magnification tool this time. This tumor will be treated differently than the others so far. What you're going to do first is drain it. Once that's done you'll use the scalpel to sever the three veins it's connected to. To do this, keep the cursor near the center of each vein and keep the button pressed until you cut it off. There is no need to make any motions. Once you've severed all three veins, STOP for a second. This is where we're going to stall so that the tumor can create a few more tiny tumors in the interest of getting our max chain past 100. Switch to the syringe and raise vitals while you wait. Right after you've severed the 3 veins, 3 small tumors should have formed. What you want to do is stall until an extra 2 have formed. Once they do, quickly switch to the forceps and remove the big tumor. Now, use the laser to burn off the small tumors. Sometimes this will cause a blood pool to form. This is to your advantage because it means you can get that chain up a little higher. Gel the holes, and switch back to your drain.

Two large tumors will appear. We're not going to stall anymore from here on out, so treat them as quickly as you can. Use the drain on one right after the other, then switch to the scalpel and start severing the veins on the FIRST one you drained, then move on to the one you drained second. After both of their veins have been cut, pick them up with the forceps and put them on the tray. They should have formed many tiny tumors so take care of them the same way you did the others. However, this time, leave one hole alone and take the time to raise vitals to at least 40 just to stay safe. It should only take about a single injection. Once the patient is at 40, gel the last hole.

At this point 4 large tumors will appear. Don't worry about it because Naomi will automatically activate her Healing Touch. Now you can relax because Naomi's Healing Touch is absolutely ridiculous. Drain all 4 tumors right after the other, then scalpel all the veins right after the other. Again, don't worry much about how you do it or how long you take, or even about vitals. The Healing Touch will take care of all that. Treat the tumors the same way, and then remove them all quickly. Once that's done finish up by treating the tiny tumors. When you're done the patients vitals should have automatically been raised to 99 by the Healing Touch. Simply finish up without raising vitals and remember to be careful and not break your chain by getting a BAD.