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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 50 - 500
-Completed with 180 left - 500
-Wound did not reopen - 300
-No mistakes - 700

Yay, the first GUILT! This operation is actually not that hard to XS because the lacerations caused by the Kyriaki give you a lot of points and opportunities for COOLs.

When the operation starts, I recommend you start pumping stabilizer into Linda until her vitals have reached 99. Only after she's at max should you make the lobectomy. Once you're inside, my recommendation is to first suture all the small lacerations except one. Then start working on the big ones. This is pretty much the only part where you can feasibly get a miss, by your hand slipping when bringing both sides of the big lacerations together. You can take it slow here if you want, though the operation just started so restarting isn't too big of a deal. Take care of the big lacerations in the same way that you did on the last operation. Getting COOLs in this operation is actually not as important as in the last. You can get away with a bunch of GOODs and still get the XS. That being said, COOLs don't hurt, so try to get them anyway.

Once the big lacerations are taken care of, don't suture the one small laceration you left just yet. Take the time to pump vitals back up to max. We're going to treat Kyriaki without raising vitals much throughout the operation, so it's a good idea to start at max. Once you suture that wound, Kyriaki will appear. It will create a single laceration. Ignore what Angie says and suture that wound before you start looking for it. When that's done, switch to the ultrasound and begin using it. Try to concentrate most of your ultrasounds around the center of the lung unless you've gone 2-3 ultrasounds without finding anything. Usually you'll be able to make the Kyriaki appear by spamming it near the center though.

As soon as you can see the Kyriaki, immediately switch to the scalpel and make an incision on him, then very quickly change to the laser and burn it. It's weak so it won't require much to kill it. You'll want to immediately switch to the sutures and take care of the laceration it made, then switch to the gel and treat the wound caused by your incision. Then, switch to the sutures and keep them as a pre-emptive measure for the laceration the next wave of Kyriaki will make. All this should be done as the original one is dying and before the next ones appear.

The next wave will be two Kyriaki. They will make a laceration each. If you're very fast, you can suture the laceration caused by the first one before the second one is made like in the video. However this is very hard to do because your "assistant" will start talking almost immediately after the first laceration is made and keep you from using your tools. Don't worry though, if you can't suture the first one like that, simply wait until you can use your tools again and suture both of them right after the other. Now, there are two Kyriaki running around in the lung. What we want to do here is find one with the ultrasound, cut it out, then find the other and cut that one out as well while the first one is running around out in the open. Then, when both of them are outside at the same time, use the laser to incinerate them both one right after the other. After that's done, very quickly suture the lacerations made by them and gel the two wounds you just caused with the scalpel.

As soon as you do this, the boss Kyriaki will appear and create his trademark triple laceration pattern. Take care of these before you start looking for him. Remember to make many passes to get the COOLs. Now, unlike the little ones, the boss Kyriaki has 3 HP. So we'll be repeating the procedure on him thrice. When the wounds have been treated, start spamming the ultrasound near the center. He's big so he should be easy to spot. Cut him up with the scalpel and then laser him. He requires VERY little lasering before he burrows back inside the lung, so don't bother keeping the laser on him for very long. Just a few microseconds is fine. As he's burrowing, immediately switch to the sutures, treat the lacerations and the wound you made with the gel. Then switch back to the ultrasound and repeat the exact same procedure two more times until you've defeated him.

Now you can finish up. Don't worry so much about the final suture and bandage since it's very easy to get the XS even if you get GOODs on them if you got enough points on the operation itself. Besides, the suture is ridiculously lenient on what it accepts as a COOL. Just look at the video. Your vitals should be around 30 or so at this point, so grab the syringe and raise them to 99 before applying the bandage. After that you're done.