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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 20 - 600
-Less than 1 hemorrages - 200
-Wound did not reopen - 200
-7 COOLs earned - 1000

This operation is really short, and may seem really easy. But once you do it you'll see it's actually not quite as easy as it might seem. The main problem in this operation is that Angie, like ALWAYS, is trying to make things harder for you. Don't listen to that bitch. Listen to me instead.

First of all, when the operation starts, ignore Angie telling you there isn't much time. You have plenty of time. In fact, there is no time special bonus in this operation. Before you perform the lobectomy, take the time to use the stabilizer and raise Linda's vitals to max. That's 65. Once that's done, go inside her.

There will be 4 normal lacerations and 2 big ones. Angie will tell you to treat the big ones first, but the trick of this operation is that if you do that, you will not get the XS. Angie is only trying to keep you from becoming a good surgeon, like always. So what we'll do here is ignore her and instead first treat the normal lacerations. It's crucial that you get COOLs in all of them. You've done this before so it shouldn't be a problem. Remember, lots of passes that are much wider than the laceration.

Now, after that's done, we're going to move on to the big lacerations. The reason we left them alone is because we want them to accumulate more blood pools. You want to have to drain more blood pools to push yourself over chain 20 and get the special bonus. If you treat the large lacerations immediately, they will not have as much blood on them, and your max chain will only go up to 19. In any case, first drain the blood on the bottom one, use the forceps to bring the opening together. Now, you want to get a COOL on each of these, but they are a little bit different than the normal lacerations. The trick to getting a COOL on these big lacerations is many MANY passes along the ENTIRE length of the laceration. The passes should be wider than it but not by much. Check the video to see what I mean.

Before you move on to the other big laceration, make absolutely sure that it has accumulated an extra set of blood pools. If it hasn't, WAIT. Stall for time by injecting stabilizer or whatever you want. Don't start working on it until that second set of blood pools has formed.

Once that's done it'll be time to finish up. You want to get COOLs on the final suture and the bandage as well. If you got COOLs on every single thing you did, you will most definitely get the XS. However, you can actually get a single GOOD in something and still manage to get the XS, so don't lose heart if you get a GOOD somewhere. My recommendation, though, is to get COOLs in all of the sutures, because from my experience it's very easy to botch the final bandage.