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Special Bonus

-Max chain over 50 - 500
-No aneurysms ruptured - 700
-Completed with 150 left -200
-8 COOLs earned - 600

Get inside the patient as usual. An important thing throughout this operation will be to memorize the general area of where each set of aneurysms is going to appear. That way you can maginify on this area before they come out and be ready to inject them immediately.

When you start there'll be a single aneurysm. You will first need to use the magnification tool to get close, otherwise the game won't let you treat it. Treat this one as you would. The scalpel lines are small and circular so they are very easy to excise. Something you should keep in mind throughout this operation is that when you've removed the aneurysm, drained the blood, and performed the anastomosis, but before you suture the blood vessel, you can use this time to raise vitals without having to worry about the next set of aneurysms appearing.

In any case, after you've treated the first one, very quickly demagnify and magnify on the left side of the organ. This is where the next one will appear. There will be a slight lull before it does, however, and you should use this moment to raise vitals. Don't bother filling the syringe with sedative pre-emptively on this one, since it'll just reset to empty after the aneurysm appears. Treat it like normal, then demagnify, and this time magnify on the bottom right of the organ.

Fill your syringe up with sedative before the aneurysms appear here. What you want to do here is inject the sedative on one of them, refill, then inject on the other. Then quickly change to the scalpel and cut the one that you injected FIRST. Then cut the one you injected second. After that remove both of them with the forceps, then drain BOTH pools of blood, then connect both blood vessels. Do every step to both aneurysms right after the other. Don't treat one completely and then do the other.

After that's done, the next set will appear absolutely immediately. You will have no time to do things pre-emptively, so just magnify on the area and treat them the exact same way you did the last couple. However, this time, after you've done the anastomosis, suture only one of them, and leave the other. Raise vitals to max here, and only suture that second blood vessel after vitals are at 80.

When you suture that one, demagnify, and magnify on the right-center of the organ. 4 aneurysms all ready to burst are about to appear here. At this point, you can activate your Healing Touch if you want. This makes them extremely easy to take care of and no tips are needed. However, if, like me, you hate Angie and want to give her the finger, you can also treat the aneurysms without the Healing Touch. It's not too hard to do. First of all, fill up your syringe with sedative before they appear. When they do, the one you'll want to inject first is the one on the far left. This is the one closest to bursting. Inject it completely, then quickly fill the syringe up again and inject the one in the middle completely. Now, quickly fill up the syringe to full again. This time, what you want to do is inject the one on the right only halfway, and then the one on the top also only halfway. If you try to inject fully, there's a very high chance that the other one will burst. Fill the syringe up again, and this time inject those same two aneurysms fully. You should be able to get the scalpel lines to appear on both of them with that single full syringe without having to refill. At this point, the sedative on the aneurysm on the far left will have worn off, but don't worry about it yet. Quickly use the scalpel on those two aneurysms so you can stop worrying about them, then very quickly fill up the syringe again and inject sedative on the left aneurysm completely. This should make the scalpel lines appear again. Refill, and do the same on the other one. Now cut them like the other two. Once that's done, you'll want to remove all 4 aneurysms one right after the other, drain all 4 blood pools, and connect all 4 blood vessels. However, the time limit on this can be a bit strict, so if you want, you can choose to remove only two aneurysms, drain and reconnect those two, then do the same with the other two afterwards. This is much easier to do, has less risk of making a mistake, and works just as well. It's your choice.

To get COOLs on the blood vessel suturing, make sure that you make lines much wider than the blood vessel. Check the video to see what I mean. To me, the biggest danger in this operation is the anastomosis. If your hand slips a little, you'll get a miss and forfeit the entire operation. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to take things slow. Remember to relax. I know it's not as easy thing to do, but if you're nervous the chances of your hand trembling are much higher. When dealing with these aneurysms, my recommendation is to drain the blood with the A button, then, KEEP THE A BUTTON PRESSED, and switch to the forceps. Now grab the aneurysms simply by pressing and letting go of the B button. It is not actually necessary to do it as if you were using real forceps. There is no need to press and let go of both the A and B buttons. By keeping the A button pressed and only pressing and letting go of the B button, you are afforded a much higher degree of control on the wiimote.

You shouldn't have to worry too much about the final suture and bandage if you got COOLs on all of the blood vessels. Raise vitals to max and finish up.