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Special Bonus

-Healing Touch activated successfully - 1200
-4 skilled Healing Touches - 550
-1 passable Healing Touches - 250

This operation is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is keep using the Healing Touch. That is to say, keep drawing a star. Remember back in kindergarten when all the girls had discovered how to draw stars and were drawing them all over the place and you wanted to draw stars too but didn't know how, so you went crying to your mom and she taught you how to do it? Well now that is going to come in handy because it's done in exactly the same way. What? You mean that only happened to me? Well whatever, fuck you. It was kindergarten ok? And I didn't actually cry so get off my back!

Ahem. Right. In any case, the Healing Touch is very easy to use because the game is super lenient on what it accepts as a good star. There are different ways that you can draw one, but I'm going to show you the way I do it, which works very well for me. I'm not going to describe it with words because that would be too tedious. It would be much more helpful to simply show you.

You can do this operation as fast or as slow as you want. I'm going to show you two videos. A slow one to show you how to draw the star, and a fast one to show you that it doesn't matter if the star looks ugly or is slanted to one side or what have you.

If you need help learning to draw the star, I recommend getting a piece of scratch paper and a pen, and start drawing as many stars as you can on it so that your muscle memory gets used to the motions necessary for it. You don't want to have to think about drawing the star. It should be something that you can do naturally. I know that drawing a tiny star on a piece of paper might not seem the same as doing it with the wiimote, but trust me, it's really the same thing.

This is my slow video:

This is my fast video: