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Hey there. I've decided to make this XS guide for Trauma Center: Second Opinion because this game is awesome and the best thing that will probably ever grace the Wii. I thought, hey, if I'm going to replay it, might as well write a guide while I'm at it. Yeah, I know the game is old but fuck you, I'm a renegade. And hey, if at least one person reads this and is helped in some way, it'll be worth it. And you know what? Even if no one is helped by this it'll still be worth it because I want to do it, so shut up already. That being said, the purpose of this guide is still to help people, regardless of whether or not it succeeds in doing so. Because of this, I'll try to change my tone a bit in the interest of being more helpful. XSing this game isn't an easy thing to do, and the last thing you want is your guide being a jackass to you, right?

Ahem. Right. Anyway. The reason this is called an XS guide is because getting XS rank in every operation is the only way to play the game and truly appreciate it. This guide is written assuming that you're playing on Hard mode, because this is the only mode where you can get the XS rank. It also assumes that you know how to play at least a little. You can use this guide as a more general walkthrough if you so desire, but a lot of the tips given throughout might be a bit of... overkill for simply passing the operations.

Anyway, I'm no legendary surgeon. I'm just an average player who happens to love this game. Because of this, my firm belief is that, if I can XS the operations in this game, anyone can. I'm not saying it's easy to do. It takes a good amount of effort and skill. But it's doable.

The aim of this guide isn't to show you "how the pros do it", or blazing fast speed, or "perfect execution of every procedure". The aim of this guide is to help other players who might want to XS the game in their journey with very detailed (sometimes maybe too detailed) tips on how to do it. I will try to always make these tips as reasonable as possible. I will aim to never give you tips and manuevers that an average player couldn't execute. Like I said, I'm no pro, so I probably couldn't give you ridiculous tips anyway. Obviously there are many different ways to play the game and to do things. I don't claim my methods to be the best, the easiest, the cheapest, or the most effective. But they are the methods that worked for me and this is all I can give you.

XS isn't perfection. Oftentimes the game gives you quite a bit of leeway so that you can do things a little imperfectly from time to time, and still get the XS. I reiterate that the aim of this guide isn't perfection. Throughout the guide you will doubtless see me make less than perfect moves, or see manuevers that could have clearly gone a bit better. I opted to leave these things as they are, firstly to further drive the point that the purpose of this guide is simply to obtain the XS rank, not to achieve perfection Secondly, because the tips take into account the leeway the game gives you. Thirdly, because I believe videos that are more "down to earth" are more helpful as a guide than unreasonably perfect blazing fast videos that are the culmination of countless retries.

So I think that's about it for my introduction. Welcome to my Second Opinion XS guide. I do sincerely hope I can help you even a little.