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So it's pretty old news by now that Little Big Planet has been delayed. You may have noticed this as you sit here the day after "release" and still haven't been able to pick it up.

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In short; nope. As great as a newer, better Nintendo DS is in theory there are a few issues the redesign brings to light. Add a comment

A lot of people have most likely heard the origins of the story; Way back in 2006 Vivendi Universal took Michael Donnelly, creator of the MMO Glider bot used by a relatively small amount of people within World of Warcraft, to court. Now two years down the line the story is finally coming to a close. Add a comment

Shortly after Little Big Planet's developers revealed that co-op level creation isn't going to be included until an undisclosed time after the game's release, Fable 2's developers, Lionhead Studios, have revealed that the game's much touted multiplayer co-op features won't be included until god knows when. Add a comment

Little Big Planet's biggest and most important feature, multiplayer online co-op level creation, will not be available at launch, and there's no telling when it will be available. Add a comment