If for any reason you're not satisfied, we hate you.

Man, so what's the deal with these faggot game companies churning out hardware with obvious design flaws that could have easily been corrected?

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Treyarch actually got it right. How? By literally re-skinning Call of Duty 4. Call of Duty 5 is simply Call of Duty 4 with a World War II skin and weapons and maps. Add a comment

On Tuesday the 14th of October 2008 at 7pm, Boxy, my beloved and faithful Xbox 360, passed away, claimed by the console equivalent of the bubonic plague. Add a comment

Lately I've been toying with the LittleBigPlanet Beta, and I have seen some wondrous things. Things I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. Add a comment

My copy of Tree of Tranquility arrived (late. Like everything I get. Oh, cruel world. What have I done to deserve this! Oh right, nothing. I don't need to tell you that life isn't fair, it doesn't care, it arbitrarily cuts off your air).

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